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Discuss :slight_smile:



Record, transform, tweak your synthesizer, guitar or vocals and bring your audio to life using the ultimate in analogue and digital signal processing

4 simultaneous world-class TC ELECTRONIC and KLARK TEKNIK FX featuring over 30 algorithms with incredible integrated modulation matrix

2 high quality, professional MIDAS microphone preamplifiers with instrument input, high-pass filter and phantom power

6 x 6 channel USB/Audio/MIDI interface (Class 2.0 compliant) for highest signal integrity

Multiple classic analog distortion circuits add character and warmth ranging from subtle glow to grimy filth

Stereo VCF using legendary 3320 based filter design, low/high/band-pass modes, frequency and resonance controls for immense sound sculpting possibilities

Excels at stand-alone operation or part of a DAW based system, combining 4-channel analog and 6-channel USB I/O with extensive side-chain and routing options

Stereo FX send and return channels for enhanced DAW integration over ultra-low latency USB/Audio Interface

Insane vortex of modulation featuring 3 ADSR generators, 2 LFOs, 32-step Control Sequencer and MIDI to warp both analog and digital effect parameters in real-time


That sounds like the thing I needed to fill the hole in my studio after selling my Octatrack :slight_smile:

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WASP DELUXE – Based on the EDP WASP synthesizer
2600 – Based on the ARP 2600 synthesizer
CAT –- Inspired by Octave’s ‘The CAT’ synthesizer
SYNTHI VCX3 -– Inspired by the EMS SYNTHI VCS3
MS-101 –- Clone of the Roland SH-101
K-20 – Eurorack version of the Korg MS-20

Buying the ARP, no doubt.

Depending on the price, implementation etc. i might buy them all.

The 2600 is the first synth i ever used – and under computer control.

The EMS SYNTHI is completely west coast!


Loving the Maelstrom if true. Exactly what I need at the moment.

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Sonic State also lists five drum machines in addition to the six synth i listed above.

All the musictri . be links seem to be dead.

So the WASP DELUXE, CAT and K-20 are all Eurorack so they probably will look something like the Behringer D in format.

The 2600 is a 6U rack mount, so i presume it will look more like the Deepmind 12 Rack.

I got to bet the SYNTHI VCX3 will have a pin matrix connector which will be interesting.

The MS-101 is likely a straight out SH-101 clone – not sure.

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The 101 clone sounds like a full size affair as it’s listed as having a 3-octave keyboard.

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Maelstrom mixer sounds interesting. I’ve read mixed reviews about the build quality of their synths, but their mixers are pretty decent for the money.

Having said that about the synths, I’d be all over that VCS3 clone.

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Yes , very interesting :slight_smile:
Their digital FX are really good (i guess same as Deepmind and console ).
Also 3 ADSR generators, 2 LFOs, 32-step Control Sequence + analog filters and distortion.

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Sounds too good to be true but lets wait :slight_smile:

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Oh wait, Maelstrom is not a mixer. :blush:

Well, still keeping eye on what they’ve got to announce. So far, my leading new mixer candidates are the Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK, Zoom L-12, and K-Mix; each with its individual strengths and weaknesses.

all info pulled from site now :slight_smile:

People clones synths all the time. I always think its funny that with behringer doing it people question it so much. They are definitely not the shit company the were in the 90’s.


Fucking hell Behringer is going in HARD! Look at all this!

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More like west London… :wink:


It is a strange irony of electronic music that it should be the most forward-thinking of styles, but such large portions of its practising musicians are completely governed by nostalgia.