Behringer VCS3

From the Behringer FB:

"The mother of all synths…

Disclaimer: This is a design model only as we’re still studying the feasibility and demand of this synth. At this stage we cannot confirm that we’ll ever build this synth but we’d like to engage with you and hear your feedback.
What is your level of interest and what do you think a fair price would be?"


I knew this would happen, it will be interesting to see how it ends up, not a particularly challenging or sophisticated circuit but quite ingenious in how it all adds up, definitely a sum more than the parts synth.

I look forward to seeing customers reactions, it is quite the esoteric synth, definitely not for everyone.


This has been talked about, and been in process by Behringer for a long while, and it looks like it has a long way to go still.

The two approaches to the peg plug board with all the other “clones” of this either have the physical plugs, or some sort of virtual electronic equivalent. The big advantage to the virtual form is how fast you can change patches.

Sure why not with this.

ADDED: Link to a post in this forum with a mention of plans for this — December 2017.

Added the Behringer disclaimer for clarity

I feel like i really need to keep ignoring these pressers. The hype cycle is fun but spending less money and recording more should be my goal.

The acquisition cycle is not great for creativity.


Yep, it’s the only one of the clones that i’ve ever been interested in.

Also interesting to note that this and the LinnDrum and DMX clones are the only
ones remaining to happen from the 2017 “leak”

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Your actions contradict your statement.


I mean, that’s the train of thought.

“Oh, cool!”

“shit, just use what you have and wait until the interest has died down and then maybe come back to it a year after launch”

I’m similarly “interested” in the PPG but the cycle of acquisition isn’t super healthy for my creativity.

Pink Floyd. Any other reason to care?

I look forward to seeing it.


‘Heroes’, Hawkwind, Hankinson, Gong, The Who, and Roxy Music. If I had to choose a favorite synth, it’s the VCS3. It’s the only analog synth that can still surprise me after all these decades.


Actually, Klaus Schulze, Throbbing Gristle, Tangerine Dream, Richard Pinhas… there have been a lot of more famous synths, but looking back, it’s hard not to think that the VCS3/Synthi A wasn’t one of the most influential.


Is that the synth on baba o riley?

Mid 90s Masami Akita / Merzbow of course…


I strongly doubt Throbbing Gristle ever used one… Chris Carter was mostly into Roland and homebuilt stuff.

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Ooops, i was wrong of course…!


That’s actually a Lowrey organ marimba sound on ‘repeat’ mode. The same organ was run through a VCS3 on ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’.

Technically, I should have specified Chris Carter rather than TG, as the VCS3 was the first synth he ever owned, and his famous DIY synth was based on its design. He now owns a new Synthi A.


Yep, just realized shortly after posting that comment… ;-o

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5:40 mark


Oh, and the only ‘proper’ video by my old pals and former labelmates The Legendary Pink Dots features a Synthi A (for those that don’t know, it’s the exact same synth as a VCS3, but housed in a suitcase)

Jarre still has six of 'em in a rack.

This synth is an experimental music legend.


My $599 is ready.