Teenage Engineering OP-1


Its a video game as well. We are paying for that.


op-1 is alive!

  • shift + stop toggles hi-res tape grid for editing

  • when in external sync sequencers are now started in sync with the beat

should sync better with Z now!?


After so long another update, finally! Now another engine (vocoder) please!!! A new FX please!!! Grrr TE justify the price by giving us new shit, so the price is due to new implimentation/engine, paying the bills of the engineers, get the max out of that dsp!!! A circuit bend/karplus strong engine? Make your own wavetable synth engine? Def support OTTO!


BOOM :boom:

“We have no imminent firmware coming” when i asked them earlier this week… jokers!


@jefones -
I agree with what bradleyallen said. It depends on what you want.

I have 3 MPC’s but never tried the Live. I almost bought it, but personally I don’t think I would enjoy making music with a touchscreen (I don’t enjoy making music with my ipad, so). But that’s an opinion.

The OT has been on my radar for years, but for some reason I always end up buying something else instead. I plan on selling 2 MPC’s to get an OT. But keeping my Op-1 as well.


I think absolutely the OP-1 is in the same ballpark as the Octatrack both in build quality and as an instrument - obviously mini jacks are not as robust as 1/4 inch, and it is smaller, but it is made from very high quality plastic and the case is solid aluminium. If you smash the keys like an idiot you will break them, same as a computer keyboard, but so far mine are holding up well, no build issues and I’ve had them for years.

I’d take an OP-1 or Octatrack over any Akai MPC/Force any day. Nothing against the Akai’s other than that DAW but not quite a DAW all in wonder box doesn’t appeal to me, if I were so inclined I’d just use a DAW instead because I don’t see what the advantage of the Akai’s are. I used to like the older MPCs though.


They need Jeremy(Red) to renew the faith by doing a new OP-1 video on youtube.


If surprises me that nothing really similar to the OP1 has emerged. Any thoughts on why? A miniature Elektron along vaguely similar lines would be a dream.


One interesting thing here is that i don’t think that many people are aware of that the OP-1 actually could have been an Elektron product.

The main man behind TE is Jesper Kouthoofd and he worked for Elektron for some time. He was part of the team that developed the Machinedrum and the Monomachine and after that he felt that the next logical step for Elektron would be a small portable device so he had begun sketching out some ideas for such a project.

Then his mate (and one of the co-founders of Elektron) Daniel tragically died in a car crash and that was such a huge loss for Jesper so he chose to leave the company after that. So he never presented the sketches of the portable device to the rest of the team. He couldn’t let go of the idea though and eventually ended up starting up TE so that the project could become reality.

This is Jesper’s side of the story that i’m sourcing from the interview found below (only in Swedish i’m afraid) and i’m hoping someone at Elektron will correct me if they think this is false.


Wow, I didn’t know that - Thanks for letting me know


“Is it mushroom season in Sweden?”


No worries! I didn’t take any offence, I know how easy it is for things on the internet to seem more confrontational than they are meant to be (I received a community warning here for empathising with someone’s frustration re OB delays and linking them to meditation resources?!).

For sure the main motivation to make music is for fun but it’s also my only source of income - you’re definitely right that most of the creative power is with the user not the tools but it’s still interesting to know if (such an expensive) piece of kit is being used in the professional realm.

Thanks also for your friendly response :+1:


Haha, those incense sticks are crazy expensive. I wanted to grab an OP-Z but I’ll wait for the red/white $1500 Supreme edition.


The Machinedrum and Monomachine MK1s used to ship with lots of flyers, stickers, etc. One of the flyers had mockups of “prototype” machines. They were all smallish devices that looked like combinations of Elektron devices and what are now Teenage Engineering devices, with a dash of James Bond gadgets.

Maybe one of the old timers has a pic of one of the flyers. I don’t. I don’t think I even had a cellphone then. Lol.


Id love to see them.

Actually now that you say that i think i remember something along those prototype lines in my old machinedrum box. Wish i still had my machinedrum :sob:


The devices were cool as hell! I used to pour over the flyer, trying to figure out what was what.

Maybe there is a discussion thread on Elektron-users.com. Hmmmm…


Plenty of “old-timers” contributed here:


Just to be clear, he left Acne not Elektron to start TE.


This is true. Why? If Behringer did it it would cost £200.


old timer checking in. is this what you’re referring to? Elektron prototype images?

also you definitely had a cell phone :grin: