Teenage Engineering OP-1


I had one and gladly sold it during the price hike. The way I see it, that sale covered one month rent for me (with change to spare). And im not willing to work a full month just for an OP-1


I guess the engineers from TE had no say in how much to pitch this at. Its the corporate guys around them. The ones with zero musical talent. I feel for the ones who do it for the love of music.


Not everyones corporate thinking. Well i hope not :slight_smile:


I’m going to have to do a cleanse now to make sure I don’t have some inner businessman trapped in me. :joy:


The op1 now cost 100 more than the MPC Live and 100 dollars less than the octatrack.
Does the functionality and build quality it presents actually sit there between an mpc and an octa?


You can actually find used mpc live and OTmk1 for around $800-900. So we are talking getting an OT plus synth, effect pedal, mixer or maybe just saving that cash for more important things in life.


No chance


I’m not talking used though, I’m talking retail. Is the op1 actually comparable to those other units? At retail price?


Well for starters it’s limited to 4 tracks. That could be a real deal breaker for some.


with new stuff you have as much faults or bugs etc nowadays, everything is consumption and overpriced (exept Behringer) and there isn’t any new gear anymore that is build for a lifetime like Technics sl1200 mk2 or Marantz etc.
Anyway had a very fun session with Op1 sequencers to Oplab to a friends eurorack!


Personally dont think the Op1 is comparable at retail either and much less at preowned prices. MPC live and Octatracks are on another level, only thing those two dont have that op-1 has are fun and quirky animations (and that hidden helicopter game). But we are paying for a music instrument, not a video game.


I actually think with the way I use equipment, almost all of my equipment will last a lifetime, especially my elektron stuff. I’m very particular with keeping my gear in good condition. That is not the reason I buy new and avoid the used market though. Mostly dealing with very shady individuals dealing used gear. Buying retail offers the buyer various protections I appreciate.

But I digress. I really just want to know if the op1 can be considered compatible to the octatrack or mpc functionally and build quality wise.


Elektron build quality, specially the OT, analog series and the digis is great. I can see those lasting a long time. With MPC i feel the older units have more durability, mpc live screen seems like the first thing that would go bad.


yet second-hand OP1’s were selling for WAY over their previous sale price, and are currently selling for around the same as the new sale price. doesn’t that tell you something about the perceived value of these instruments right there?


I can’t speak for build qualities, but the functionality of all three instruments sit in between each other, it just depends on which qualities you’re looking the most for, and then weighing in the trade-offs.


Elektron encoders will eventually wear out, battery replacement, sticky buttons, skipping values, etc no matter what!
The op1 is not compairable to anything out on the market! (except for OTTO now, that DIY thing)
Build quality of Op1 is very poor (or was)! I don’t know what it is nowadays. My op1 still lives but speaker is dead (sometimes it lives again for 1min) but lots of things can go wrong with Op1. Check Ifixit site, check Op1 forum etc.


Yeah I get what your saying about elektron gear, especially with the experince you had with newer gear. But I have had a monomachine and other elektron gear for quite a long time and have had absolutely no issue with the encoder, buttons, power supply, etc. It all comes down to how I handle my instruments, I have a good amount of gear that is old and mint. I don’t b/s/t either, when I finally purchase something I keep it.

So, just so I get what you are saying about the op1. Build quality is poor but the synth engines are unique enough to overlook that?


the synth engines aren’t that of an insta buy! But it’s a very cool synth for interfacing with eurorack, the sequencers are for me the best of the synth! It’s very lo fi sound but can go towards warm places when carefully messing with the compressor and fx. It has some quirks but the FX is also fun, especially with resampling and adding other fx then playing half speed. Spring reverb is nice, CWO filter!

It is an experiment synth for me (and think most of users) mainly for laying down ideas/sketches loops. I haven’t made a decent full track with it (don’t use daw) Most people daw the loop to a track. It is a very good synth for pads.


Its a video game as well. We are paying for that.


op-1 is alive!

  • shift + stop toggles hi-res tape grid for editing

  • when in external sync sequencers are now started in sync with the beat

should sync better with Z now!?