Tascam Model 12

Just announced. It’s got MIDI! Now revising my ‘new studio mixer / interface / mixerface’ spreadsheet.


Mod Edit : added picture (nice!)


any idea how much?

Sweetwater (link) says $599.


Well, doesn’t that look nice. Lots of features, including onboard recording to SD.

Does look nice, however I hope that they will implement the midi clock properly the DP32 could not reliably sync midi gear, there was a random offset each time, making it impossible to line up multiple passes of synced gear, and to make matters worse the editing did not have sufficient resolution to correct it.


Now if only Tascam would bring back the 424 MkIII and capitalize on the cassette tape renascence by resurrecting the machine everyone settles for buying used.



Oh fml I thought I was safe this NAMM.

Will wait for bug fixes though.

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This !

Man that thing looks good.

Does anyone have experience with the others? How are the eqs/preamps/fx, soundwise?

I could use this for my computer audio, right?

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exactly my thougts :slight_smile: !
would be nice to hear from other users experience here

Is it also an audio interface?

Not seeing any downsides :sad:


yes. 12 in, 10 out. you can (for example) record to DAW, then play 10 channels back through the mixer to apply EQ and fx, then record the master output within your DAW.


but not 10 analog outs :frowning:

Sampling Rate: 44.1k / 48k Hz
Bit Depth: 16 / 24 bit

Nauts, help this hobbyist, non-studio engineer: what kind of practical (or subtle) difference are we talking about here, vs. say a prosumer level focusrite scarlett (or next level MOTU, RME, etc.) that can go up to 24-bit/192kHz?

Following. I would probably have to give up my baby face for it and that thing is…my baby. Never given a single issue.
I do 48hz anyway.
I imagine it’s on par with focus rite. Idk about motu or RME.

That’s something I’d definitely like to know before committing

May be a stupid question but will there be flying faders? Haven’t actively seen anything suggesting it would…

I was already planing on the Model 16 or 24, but portabilty, midi, overdubbing and not needing a tonne of input has me ready to jump at this one.

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