Superbooth 2022

Did Sequential release their “maybe december” new synth? I don’t think they did?

Tempest v2 :eyes:


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Superbooth is … bad? 🤷🏻

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Superbooth doesn’t have a theme, although perhaps last year it was “In the Woods”.

But often you can see trends emerge from the show.

I think it’s safe to think one trend this year will be advanced keyboard interfaces.

Some stuff we know will be at the show. Osmose is making it’s final appearance ( we pray ) as “product in development”. ASM is again showing the two new improved keyboard products, the deluxe Deluxe, and a first with the poly-aftertouch mini-keyboard. And just announced this week is the new Waldorf Iridium Keyboard using a new poly-aftertouch keybed from Fatar.

This all we know.

But what may be lurking still.

Both Medeli and Fatar keybeds are available for use by others. Glen Darcey of ASM has said there are companies ( plural ) that will be using their keybeds. So there’s that.

Could Studiologic use their own Fatar keybed in a new controller ? What about about something from Sequential, or Novation or both ? Waldorf could well drink from those waters again too. And Arturia shouldn’t be counted out either. There is plenty of opportunity too for dark horses, and surprises.

So what do you think ? Are there advanced keyboard products you might like to see ?

Are there other trends you might be expecting this year ?


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I feel like the first folks to ship a nice, modern poly aftertouch master keyboard are going to clean up. Something like the Arturia Keylab MkII 61, but with a higher end build quality would be excellent. A good feature set, and extremely compact for what you get — just needs PA and to feel a bit less like plasticky junk. Likewise, it would be neat to see a LMK4+ 88 with a PA keybed, and possibly also redesigned electronics to provide for more controller placement options for the DIY version.


We’ve been seeing a fair bit more innovation in terms of midi processing, and I think we’ll see that continue. Stuff like the Blokas midihub, MRCC, Retrokits RK008, and even the custom-programmable modes of the 3rd gen Launchpads all come from microcontrollers having gotten fast enough that doing crazy stuff with midi is pretty cheap. Once supply chains start coming unstuck, I think we’ll see that accelerate further, given that you can get e.g. quad core cortex m4s with 128+MB of SPI PSRAM for not unreasonable prices (in theory) for new designs. The Hapax is an interesting first there for editable MPE sequencing, which is a good example of the kind of thing that unlocks. V. curious to hear what it’s built around, actually.

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I like your ideas CCMP !

This is the little blurb that Arturia provided for their exhibitor listing at Superbooth, sometimes companies drop little hints in their info :

We aim at providing musicians with unique means of creation for unforgettable performances. Focusing on innovation, we strive to integrate the latest advances in computer music research and technology into our products. This involves working closely with partner research institutions, in the development of cutting-edge musical instruments and software. Our instruments have gone on to be used in making many hit records and soundtracks.

They also attach a video for their Noir MatrixBrute, and a video for their SQ80 V plugin.

So yeah it’s possible we see some really advanced hardware from Arturia. It might be time for a larger digital hardware product from Arturia.

ADDED : By the way, the likelihood of someone else showing another poly-aftertouch keyboard product is quite high. Could it be Arturia ?


Ticket and hotel booked :tada:. Can’t wait. Was supposed to go in 2020, but yeah…

Maybe catch a few other nauts there?


The Cobalt 8 currently uses a Fatar keybed. It would be possible for a new high end Cobalt and Argon product from Modal, using the new Fatar poly-aftertouch keybed.

I’d like to see that at SB22 !

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I decided not to go this year,… maybe it will help me to end up there!

I’ll be there :innocent:


I’ll also be there :totes:

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As a warm-up to Superbooth there is SynthFest France which runs April 1-3 — this coming weekend.

A short list of some exhibitors there :

Haken Audio
La Voix Du Luthier

There are many others.

There is at least one new product to be shown, the Infini from Kodamo.

ADDED : There is another new hardware product to be unveiled at the show. Pylobolus – The Cloud Synthesizer. Details are still somewhat vague, but it appears to be a multi-timbral polyphonic, virtual analog synth, with likely very simple control surface as it’s made to be configured to use with a MIDI controller. You configure it to your preference using a web browser interface, and it appears you set up multiple configurations that you switch between. Details still to follow. This likely deserves its own thread.

Oh and Loumavox will be at the show. Thread link.


I’ll be there, too!

Where are you planning to stay?

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Strong hints of an AKAI MPC Key 61.

Maybe we will see it at SB.

Thread link.

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Im not sure how this years Superboith will pan out. With the global chip shortage im thinking the exhibitors will be asked this question more than others and none i think will have an answer. Awkward.