Superbooth 2020

He means exciting


so when are the product announcements suppose to be revealed?
does superbooth usually kickoff today?

cuz if so it seems waay too quiet…here at least.

Started today (yesterday now, from my time zone), but like NAMM, I think they have a day for press only then the real event kicks off tomorrow (Friday)


I predict Elysia Karacter mark 2.

I think we’ll get to see a demo of the Cirklon 2.

400 euros


480 euro now.
That’s still really low price for what you get.

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quite like an alternative koma field fx kit.

Will there be a new synth from Arturia – particularly that thing discussed recently over in this thread ?


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I’ve been eyeing the Field Kit FX for quite some time but this looks more appealing to me. At twice the price tag it isn’t an immediate purchase for me though.

Gotta love the name in any case. I get that it refers to the vintage vibe but I usually try to avoid 500 euro dust collectors.

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That’s how dyson has made his millions.


The 4th part (aftershow events) contains some great performances with elektron gear.

My favorites are Swarm Intelligence and Headless Horseman.

So it looks like this year’s teaser video is just putting up a youtube scheduled broadcast. Expert Sleepers did it and now Behringer.

ADDED: Don’t bother to click thiis link there is NOTHING here, it’s a 45 second fake announcement – it ends with a bang and then nothing.

It’s a follow-on to the K2 (Behringer’s MS-20) and "The Warp Drive thing is reference to the unveil they did with their Poly D (nice synth btw) as a Behringer D with a warp drive.

So conventional thought has it that this is the K-2 with a keyboard, and maybe some sort of paraphonic or polyphonic voicings, but maybe it’s something besides that. We’ll find out soon enough.

Being this is Behringer they’re not done ! One possibility is a keyboard version of their Pro-1 which got a pretend view in a historic video Behringer did on the DMX drum machine. I comment on that here.

And there is something about a Monster Synth from them too. It’s probably their first big digital synth – perhaps a PPG Wave 2.3 work alike.

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Interesting. I wonder if Korg will drop the OP Six. The NAMM preview was very mysterious

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I do believe they said at NAMM that they would announce the OPSIX at Superbooth.


Heard the same, but I’m not seeing any news on the OPSix.

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Given that it’s Korg i completely expect several big announcements. As i commented up-thread i also expect news relative their WaveSnake product line – perhaps a utility for user definable samples, and perhaps a big brother, something like the Prologue was to the Minilogue. But who knows.

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So because it only comes a couple times a year, the time for throwing caution to the wind and plunging forward with full blown speculation – here goes:

The rumored synth from Arturia that i pictured above. Two ideas:

  • The MatrixFreak (a digital companion for the MatrixBrute)
  • The Pigments Synth

Either would please me – and GAS me most likely.

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Rd-8 firmware update would be nice( general stuff )
Ms-1 firmware update would be nice ( proper glide , various stuff )

Possibly an rd9 update ?
Td3 modded version ?
Td6 update ?
A new ik multemidia small device ?
Notation circuit 2 ?
New korg volca thing ?

Lots of modular I’ll never buy or understand


Bastl Midi Looper and Stereo Filter: