Superbooth 2020

Going through the exhibitor list for 2020 I can’t find Elektron. Also, does anyone know if there are any events planned at the Elektron Studio in Berlin during this weekend?

Presumably any public events would be listed here:

Does this mean that Elektron will not be at SB or are they still likely to join later?
Rather disappointed about this since I’m going to SB for the first time this year.

Events at their Studio would be really welcome.

They do not appear in the list of exhibitors but they do appear in the map of the show. See the “What’s netx for Elektron?” thread :wink:


Here’s the list of Exhibitors for those interested:

Updated: And… Here’s the floor plan for Superbooth:

(Note: Elektron is in the top left W1110. Not sure if that’s public, as it’s away from the main thoroughfares of vendors)

Also noticed Native Instruments in the floor plan, but not list of exhibitors as well. Other side note: Akai is to “show off their Stand alone units”, so curious if rumors of Live MK2 comes to fruition, but that is pure speculation.

Just for fun: Here’s the Loop Conference Sound Check Partners:

Make whatever assumptions/correlations you like. :slight_smile:



Aaaaaaaaand away we go!

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superbooth = 10 letters
sidstation = 10 letters

sid station mk2 confirmed.


Does Superbooth tickets usually sell out? I’d like to wait and decide which day it’s best to go there…

Normally you can still buy tickets on the entry.


Well let’s turn this into the regular Superbooth 20 thread – put it on somebody else this year – i had 18 and 19.

I hear through people in the know (Nick Batt at Sonic State) that Korg is holding the full unveil of their new OPSIX FM keyboard at Superbooth this year. They showed the OPSIX in glass at NAMM. That certainly will be in the running for a “Best of Superbooth” award. It has me curious as to what new sorts of things they will be bringing to the FM synth – hopefully some improvements to programmability. Obviously there was the MODX and others from Yamaha recently and the Digitone.

Also as i posted elsewhere, i’m wondering if the Osmose will be shown at SB20? Expressive E and Haken are doing a show of this all a few days after SuperBooth, in Portugal at ContinuuCon. If it is at SB i expect it to draw a bit of a crowd, and will likely be showing quite a few new things.

And perhaps at the show Korg caves in and says that yes the WaveSnake does user samples. And no doubt Korg will have more to say regarding something with their 2600 line.


And Twisted Electrons will be at SB with their recently announced 12 voice MEGAfm synth :smiley: