STROM for iPad


samples dropped to pads are stored in the selected upload folder on the Rytm…
so, right now, if you want to send them to specific folders, you have to select/create a folder on the Rytm. the Rytm OS does not support the creation of - or remotely controlled transfer to - specific directories yet. But that’s going to change soon, and to support it I’ll probably have to reverse engineer Elektron’s new transfer protocol… so right now, I can’t guarantee that it will happen. But think it will :space_invader:


Great, thanks! I choose on the rytm which folder to upload to right?

I’ve bought a new cable today and it seems to work! :slight_smile: I’m about to test the app. But I can’t find the undo button. Isn’t there any in the app? I’m thinking of the ctrl-al function, the undo function on the rytm doesn’t work…

Edit: Ok, I found it. No+kit on the rytm. WELL worth the money for this app, its amazing! Thanks for your work!

The only thing I miss now is ram rec + ram play from the machinedrum. But it doesn’t fit in this app I guess… :smiley:


Iconnectivity just released an update to the audio4+ which improves SYSEX support. I don’t have my RYTM anymore so I can’t test. But for folks who do, it might be worth looking at.


any plans to build a STROM version for the Digitakt?
That could be fun :slight_smile:


I do not disagree - can’t sysex with the Digitakt yet so cannot deny nor confirm anything :sweat_smile:


Hey not sure if this is documented elsewhere - is it possible to get stereo input into an iPad somehow, to then be sampled by Strom?


Strom itself does only mono. Uses the first channel of audio you import with it, which is left in a stereo file.

generally, if you connect any compatible (class compliant USB audio) interface, iOS can easily work with multichannel audio. 8in/out is no problem…


I have an iRig Midi 2 and an iRig Pro. Am I correct in assuming that there’s no way I can sample a live input, say from my OP1, into the app and then send said samples to the Rytm without acquiring something else?

The Apple adaptor cable referenced above would allow me to send samples to the Rytm via usb, but not record into the app and send without swapping cables/interfaces. Have I got that right? Is the Pro Duo the thing I need to do what I want? Any other products I should look into? I have an iPad mini from 2012, will this suffice?

Sorry for all the questions, just trying to wrap my head around what I need to accomplish this. Is there a guide or something that I’m not seeing?


I highly doubt that these iRig products will be satisfactory, if they work at all.
Basically, forget the DIN midi ports - that kind of midi is simply too slow for STROM, since there is a lot of sysex traffic.

Other midi interfaces which have USB, such as the iconnectivity ones, also don’t seem to work - they fail at transmitting larger sysex messages.

The best wired connection is direct USB with the camera connection kit.

If you want to also connect a audio interface, you can use a USB hub - you need one which has a power supply.

You can also use Strom wirelessly, using my other app SDS Drop running on Mac as the connection relay to your Rytm: STROM and SDS Drop, sitting in a tree



Understood. Thank you! The thing referred to as Camera Connection Kit on the Apple site is the old 30 pin deal.

Should I acquire this thing? Just run USB from Rytm to this adapter to iPad, is that right?


Yep, that one will do. I have this one:

i like that you can still run another lightning cable into it.


Nice! Thanks for that. Am I wrong to think that I could plug in my iRig to that extra lightning jack and be able to record audio into the app and then send sample to Rytm without swapping a bunch of cables around? Or am I just getting ahead of myself again :aw:


yea nah, that extra lightning port is just for charging, unfortunately.
for multiple device connections you definitely need a USB hub. If you get one, make sure it is self-powered aka comes with a power supply :slight_smile:


Got it, thanks! Any recommendations for an inexpensive hub that works well? I’m using a duet with thunderbolt for my interface. The irig has USB but doesn’t sound as good.


hmm not sure you can use the duet in conjunction with a hub, if it’s lightning (thunderbolt…? that’s macOS).

hubs - no recommendation, just bought a random one locally in a store and it does the job… should find a decent one within 5 minutes on amazon… personally using iPad/Strom pretty much exclusively wireless tho.


Ahh I see. Maybe you can tell, I’m pretty new to most of this tech haha… Thanks for your time!


Long time Strom user, first time poster. Full support for a Digitakt version. Just take my money already.


I sent a PM to Void, but I thought I’d ask to see if anyone has run into this or found a solution - Has anyone experienced a huge loud white noise that won’t go away after you’ve saved a sample? It happens to me after saving a sample for the second or third time, using an iRig Pro to get audio into Strom.

Turning off input monitoring makes it go away, but it’s still there when I turn it back on. Closing the app and opening it again gets rid of it but it starts up again after a save or two. And by loud I mean super duper loud, nothing like the usual noise you’d expect from any gear. Any ideas?


hey! I cannot reproduce this noise with my setup, so not sure what’s going on - I’m not familiar with the interface you’re using… but it sounds like some kind of feedback loop. Maybe the audio from iPad feeds back into the input somehow, which then clips?


Sorry if this is a basic question, but I can’t seem verify on my own, so I’d like to confirm before purchasing the Rytm add-on for STROM. Is it possible to load samples into STROM via external repositories like DropBox, then transfer via USB (using official Apple cable) into the Rytm? I understand the the transfer part, but what I’m not clear on is ability to load samples from selectively from sources like DropBox.

My iPad (2nd gen mini) is only 16GB and has very limited capacity at this point even with few apps installed. Rather than transferring a bunch of samples over I’d like to be able to sync my PC folder to DropBox or similar service, then pick from there into STROM.

If this is possible, I’ll be purchasing soon. :slight_smile: