STROM for iPad


Mod Edit : Please review comments pertaining to OS compatibility below or on iTunes - it’s not clear that/if this app will work on the later versions of the firmware. Topic un-pinned to reduce likelihood it will be seen as a validation of current compatibility which may not be the case.

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elektron deliberately left this out to not create any overlap with their other products




External sequencing?

Yea, it seems like such a simple feature, I’m baffled at how it’s not included in a machine that cost me $2000…




App coming soon, I hope!




Nice Avatar Void!

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:





So what’s the ScoOp?


Stuff. Things?


'exciting for sure



In hex veritas



You’re making an Elektron Users BBS in celebration of their forthcoming 31250 baud modem.


Peter Gabriel ?

great album




void’s avatar sure looks like OS in the mirror … and his gif looks like a granular LFO/arpeggiator over a waveform… some new functionality for rtym sample manipulation in an upcoming OS update currently being beta-tested is my sneaking SuspiciOn!


Who’s directing the pre-release hype video?