STROM for iPad


Oh man! Oh man! Oh man!

I don’t know what it is, but I am excited!

If it’s another one for RYTM I’m going to have to work doubly hard on reacquiring one!!!

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definitely Rytm…!
next few things are going to be upgrades for SDS Drop & Strom tho
pls stay tuned, fixes for things are on the way… needs polish ;D


Excellent. Hold off on the new app gas and just warm the current apps to hot fire for when I finally get back to the AR. I dig it and appreciate it!


Hey what do the four kit buttons do?
Do they hold crtl all functions or saved stated?
How do you store kits in each circle button?
Thanks :slight_smile:


They just hold kits!
hold FN, tap one of these to store your current kit there.
Tap the button without FN to send the kit back.

You can do the same with patterns on the pattern page.


Not sure if this has been mentioned or not but I’m having some issues with Strom. Im on a Ipad Mini Retina 10.3.1 with official apple lightening to usb.

  • Whenever I engage either the “Fn” button or the “scn/ptn” button I get about 20 seconds of functionality then Strom stops communicating entirely with the Rytm (no parameter changes, no sample send,…etc) but everything seems to be working on Stroms side though. Have to fresh restart app to get things working again.

  • when I map a performance button to “fn” it seems “fn” cant decide if its being toggled or momentarily switched when I engage the perf button. Although after 20 seconds nothing works

  • when recording in the sample section, touching the back button crashes the whole thing. After restart, strange things happen like the graphical issues and odd behavior visuals of the current sample. Have to fully delete app and redownload from appstore to fix.

Anyone else seeing these things? I havent used strom in awhile and mainly used it for sample transfer. This was the first time I tried the parameter controls. Seems like I’ve been seriously missing out and now Ive had a taste. I hope there are fixes.


sorry for the issues - tbh I haven’t tested a wired USB connection for longer periods in a while. Using it wireless… will investigate and fix the connection problems!

I’m not sure I understand what you mean with FN and mapping a performance button…

can you describe steps to reproduce the crash with the back button? Thanks!


Hi Void,
No need to apologize, I’m thankful for the work you’ve done to improve my Elektron experience so far (SDS drop is the bees knees).
I can reproduce the crash by simply hitting record while in the sample view, then hitting the back button while recording is active. It causes an instant freeze. I can close the app and restart to get functionality back, but often graphic issues appear.

As for the other issue, I do the following:
Tap the src/ptn button in strom, then tap an unused performance macro. That allows me to control the FN button with the macro (that’s what’s supposed to happen right?). This works for a few seconds like a momentary button (when macro is pressed, FN is engaged, when macro is released FN disengages). After a moment, FN starts to behave like a toggle switch for a few seconds. After a few more seconds, Strom stops communicating all together until restarted.

If it would help, I could make a video clip to show the issues in action. Just let me know.


yeah the back button def shouldn’t be doing this :smiley:
gonna take a hard look at the fn button as well, probably it’s connected/related/causing to the dropout issues you’re seeing.

thanks for reporting!


Dont think you need to tap a button in STROM
Just go into the AR performance mode, hold a pad and start tweaking the knobs for crtall.
You should see the function button is now highlighted in STROM when you hold a pad.
Release the pad and function button is off.


Ah yes, not sure why I thought that.
What does the scn/prf button actually do? Something with scenes and perf macros I assume but can’t figure out what.

Is there a manual I’m missing?


left the scn/perf button in there by accident with the last build… it’s doing nothing lol

but it’s going to do a cool thing in the next update!!

I know I said this before - there’s going to be tutorial videos soon, for real this time!


Hi Void. Were you able to confirm the drop out issue and the “back” button bug? I thought about restoring my iPad to see if anything improves but thought I’d check with you first.


yep! It’s a bug, fixed in next version - this button should not be active while recording.


Hi, I just got my self the Strom app and it does´nt seem to connect. I´ve got the rytm to appear once in the midi settings under Rytm in and Rytm out in Strom, but after a while it disappeared again. I´ve got the setting I´m supposed to I think, as far as I can read. No overbridge and allowed all the right midi through USB.

I´ve got a iPad mini 2 retina with the latest OS and with a cheap ebay usb adapter.

Does anybody know if my iPad is outdated for this app, or if it is my camera connection kit that is the problem? Should it work?

The response jumpes from acceptable, to slow to none. And the app says that my configuration is not supported sometimes. Sounds like a bad cable huh?


It should work.

Are you connecting directly or wirelessly?

Edit: I just saw the cheap adapter. Have you trouble shot the adapter? Are you able to connect other things to the iPad?

Do you have a mac computer where you can try to connect wirelessly via SDS drop?


I made an edit at my previous post as you can see. And yes, it seem to be the cheap cable! The weird thing is this: “the accessory is not supported by this iPad”. I don´t got the SDS drop, thought that I could skip it since the Strom app is quite expensive and does the same thing…

Great anyway, that it should work! Thanks for the quick support!


I find SDS Drop to be well worth the money for its wireless capability and its speed. But if you got everything up and running, then I’m happy for ya!

I’m about to go pick up my reacquainted RYTM now and get back into the lovely strom/RYTM workflow!

Have fun!


yeah I would also suggest to try a different adapter…
if your iPad says that it’s not compatible, that’s actually a message coming from iOS, not from Strom!

you can also try the free midimux app, and connect your iPad to your computer (mac or PC!) via USB/lightning, and use midimux to establish a virtual midi connection between Strom and the Rytm.

I haven’t tested this thoroughly - and it doesn’t seem to be as stable as a direct connection, or the SDS Drop wifi connection, but it works!


Cool, thanks!

I´ve thought about the SDS drop and it seem to be nice. But whats happening with the samples when they are dropped at the pads? Do they get stored on the +Drive in any folders? Else it´s kind of annoying to not know where the location is at… Is it possible to change this?