STROM for iPad


sure, Strom supports the iOS document picker, so you can import files from any apps which also support this.



Awesome! Thanks for clarifying!


Sorry maybe there is a post wo refer to this trouble but as soon as i plug my camera connexion to my ipad 3 there is a message who said it not supported ??? What can i do ?


Hi Void, I have been trying to use Strom for a few months now and I keep getting this issue where it works for about a minute, then just stops. The only fix is restarting the app, but then it just does it again. I read some other people on here having a similar issue but as far as I can tell there has been no fix yet. It’s been a few months, any chance we’ll see a update soon?
btw, I’m using it directly connected to my iPad mini via official apple CCK. It worked great before the previous update and unfortunately I don’t see anyway to downgrade because Apple sucks balls.


omg @void, i only just noticed the eye of sauron on the flex grid. It is sooooo creepy. I love it.


Just recently got myself an MPC live and it works really nicely as an audiodevice for my Ipad.
Since it has usb-a and usb-b, I hooked up both my analog Rytm and my ipad via usb. Now I can sample via the Mpc inputs and send them to the rytm via the strom app. Works like a charm!
Only downside is you have to put the mpc in controller mode, so you cant use it normally. Luckily a still got my octatrack for feeding samples to the mpc ins.
Thx for this great app, Void


thanks guys :slight_smile:

@BonfireTesticular yes sorry about this - unfortunately it’s pretty tricky to get this debugged, since if the Rytm is hooked up via USB, I cannot use a code-level debugger at the same time, which would also need the USB connection. The good news is, the upcoming version of Xcode has wifi-debugging, so I should be able to finally fix this silly issue. Tho it’s gonna take a little longer, very likely something like 6 weeks. Sorry!


Hy guys. After reading all the thread, I still have a doubt regarding Strom. Is it possible to connect Rytm and Ipad (running Strom, with Apple USB 3 adaptor) to a powered hub (Overhub) so you can use at the same time Overbridge and Strom? I’m on the fence about buying Strom (and the Rytm IAP, of course) and will like to be sure about this.
Thanks everyone for all the useful information here! :slight_smile:


hey! So there’s two options I know of:

My other Rytm app SDS Drop can act as wireless relay for Strom. It runs on a Mac, you just connect your Rytm to that, have your iPad on the same wifi and that’s that - it works.

If you don’t wanna purchase SDS Drop, you can also connect both your iPad & Rytm to your Mac/PC via USB, and use the 3rd party app Midimux to establish a wrapped midi connection between Strom and your Rytm.

Both work with Overbridge :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks void.
I’m on PC, so no SDS Drop possible. But I have Audiomux/Midimux, I’ll have to check that connection :wink:
Thank you!


Any news on updates @void ? I’m excited to see some of the new features you hinted at a few months ago :slight_smile:

Also did using an unused Rytm perf pad to toggle Strom’s ‘FN’ ever happen? Would be handy to not have to press it on the iPad :slight_smile:


hey! Yes, the unused performance macro thing is there. you have to use FN normally one time to auto-fix the project settings for it to work. :slight_smile:

Other things - I’m 120% busied up at the moment, and that’s going to continue for a bit… looking forward to get back into Elektron things tho


That’s great news will give it a try this week :slight_smile:

Looking forward to you being back on Elektron things too!


Hi there, does Storm let me sample from iPad line in? I’m on iPad 4


not sure about iPad 4, but you can sample into strom no pro’m


Hi Void,

Has there been any movement on this issue? I’m still getting the freeze when connected via USB. It’s been a long time since I could use this so I’m hoping you have some good news.


Hi @void,

Just wondering if there is any chance Strom may be ported to OSX at some stage? I often don’t have my iPad at the studio but would love to be able to still use Strom!



Anyone want to guess if this will work with AR MKII? I mean the OS’s are the same so it should work right?


This is me replying to the original request for a terminal bug fix so that hopefully you will see it.
If you aren’t going to fix this, will you refund me the $25 I spent on this? It’s been months and it doesn’t work. I believed you were going to fix this as you straight up said you would so I didn’t request a refund from apple. Now I’m stuck with a dead app and I see you asking others to purchase it. Straight up, I’m not very happy about this.


Can someone explain me as if I was a 5 year old on how to connect it wirelessly?
Rytm is connected via USB to MBP.
iPad with STROM is connected via usb to mac.
Im trying to do the wireless connectivity but I cant seem to find info like on how to do it.
Can someone please help?
I just want to use the random all / control all functions.

Thank You