Stimming OT review


Stimming: yanks SD card while powered on

“Ooops, the OT crashed”

Stimming: 0.5 second power cycle


Love the man. Love his music. Love his reviews :slight_smile: That made me cringe though! o__o


I can only hope one day my crossfader labeling is just as worn down.


It feels a bit disingenuous to make such a fuss over the “sound issues” before plugging your mastering gear. I notice that he backpeddalled quite a bit about it in the comments.

Not trying to reignite the sound quality debate, just found that part of the video a little off.


Every analog drum machine I’ve ever used has also needed the touch of master processing. Says nothing about the gear, but really is just a product of our modern sonic expectations. Bit of a moot point, really.

I will say, however, that all I’ve found OT needs is Analog Heat :heat:


having never used the OT before, this review was baffling. i’m assuming this was the point/joke. still want one though.

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Hehe, track 4 does in fact not need to play recording buffer 4 :smiling_imp:


he’s got a great point: why the hell are the mixer mute tracks reversed from when you are trigging them?

something I’ve just “accepted” and has tripped me up before, but which I’ve never understood why they did that.


Sound quality - talking a bit of BS there, I did tests against other samplers, the OT fares very well.


Stimming is the kind of guy who has a hard time choosing between one €10,000 speaker and another due to ‘sound quality’, yet his music is unbelievably boring. His reviews are funny to watch though.


Actually they are not. It is because the first 8 trigs are track trigs for the audio tracks (when set to plays free) and the last 8 trigs are sample slot trigs, in midi mode the last 8 trigs trig the midi tracks if set to plays free, and the first 8 trig the audio tracks if plays free, where I think it gets confusing is the panel text which simply says midi trigs under 9-16 when it should really say midi track trigs.


He covered a lot of territory without much hesitation.

Also pulling the CF card has never crashed the OT on me in 10 years, it simply reloads when you put it back in, but I suppose that does not really suit his irreverent style of review.


It even appeared that his OT was doing just that (reloading project). So, he was either rushing, or attempting to make a point about machine crashes. 2 in a few years is probably pretty good, all things considered.

He’s such an emotional person. His reviews are always great and full of lovely character, even when he gets stuff wrong. Everything he said about sets / projects / parts is totally wrong: there are 4 parts per bank (he said 4 per project), the sample list is per project (he says it’s per set), and it’s totally possible to load any audio file to the project (he says something strange about having to link it to the set somehow) :slight_smile:

But Stimming has a point with the audio editor loop count display. I complained about it myself in Finding exact start/end/loop point in audio editor, there is really no workaround for this one in the OT!


Regarding sound quality (and I’m sure this has been beat like a dead horse), I had some concerns when I first got my OT. However, once I properly staged the gain, I ran several synths through my mixer (1 send straight to speakers, other send to OT, back to mixer to speakers). Couldn’t hear any difference at all.

And yes, having a heat at the end the output makes the OT pop like a soda can!


What’s the most impactful to use when mastering an OT track in your opinion?

Analog Heat


the important thing is that he doesn’t peel the screen film off… fin


cos of the brightness though, I feel that. I sold my DT because it gave me migraines