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few hours ago it looked like stickies were enabled in this forum …

hehhe… yeah seems to work… so this first StickY I would like to designate to the fact that the MD freezes up if you:

press several pattern selection buttons and FN … right? what exactly was it? (dont wana try right now)

Funnily enough, i was all for objecting to the notion of lots of stickies, it’s hard enough navigating with ios withhout having to negotiate the same stuff every day, before the new posts, i’d have thought a general faq style forum would be more manageable perhaps

Either way, i’m happy to provide ad hoc thoughts to the regular thread posts, if any comments make their way to a sticky so be it, but i’ll let others sort that side out, i think if the sticky section was administered by mods and kept discrete it could be handy, but wonder if it may discourage the discussions that lead to novel solutions

Needless to say, this thread has already outgrown its usefulness as a worthy sticky post !

I’ve already spoken of this very annoying bug here, and years ago I sent the info to Elektron, without any success. So, here is the bug :

when the MD is slaved to the OT, if you want the MD to follow the pattern changes of the OT WITHOUT waiting for the end of the current pattern, th only solution is to send a midi note at the beginning of each pattern (ont the OT) and to use note midi mapping on the MD. OK, but when you do this, each first step sound of the pattern playing on the MD is doubled (“BBoum” instead of “Boum”)

The only way to get rid of this problem is not to use de tempo sync on the 2 machines. This way, the sound is not doubled anymore. But of course, you cannot change the tempo anymore on the OT, because if you do so, the MD won’t follow.

So, after having paid very expensives machines, and after years of waiting for this problem to be solved, I think it would be great if Elektron decided to do something !


thanks for this sweet little workaround!

I use this approach to play Machinedrum patterns using midi notes on the Octatrack regularly. All the drum sounds on my MD are mapped from C-0 chromatically, and then all of the patterns are mapped from something like F-1 onwards.

Using sync, I find that the ‘double triggering’ you mention doesn’t occur if you set the note length correctly on the Octatrack midi channel. Eg; As long as the note length <= the Machinedrum pattern length then things play smoothly for me. I also use other OT midi channels to trigger additional MD drum hits on top of whatever MD patterns are being sequenced with no issues.

However - I would never ever want to go back and re-map every single pattern to a midi note again, that was boring as hell!

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Really ? I will try. It would be a good news for me. For the moment, I set the length note to inf, but I remember having tried over settings without success.

Try setting it to 16 for a one bar loop and see if that makes a difference

I’ve just tried. It makes a difference, but only for the patterns whose length is set globally. For the “per track” setting, the double triggering problem is still there.

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great drone
I thought i was alone.
Yes i had double triggering too but when MM freeze it seems to me that the step bounces back so I thought that I had to give more space on the MM trk.
in per track mode
at the moment seems tuned…but…
if the MD has any midi iusse …
I think the “E” should work more on OT fw…

On the MM too there is the same problem ? I was wondering to get one, but if the double triggering pb is the same as for the MD, I will no buy one and look for another synth.

Oh no Drone… I was thinking to trade my mint OT with another MM, but with a new sound card arrived yesterday seems changed everything, midi routing at the moment seems incredibly fluid (arp&lfo) per track too. Soon a new MM for twinset… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


First post here, I bought a MD many months ago and I realized about a blocker bug that didn’t allowed me to continue making music until the device was resetted. I sent the my MD back and they gave me a new device (both of them were B-Stock from Thomann) and that second brand new device is showing the same bug, I’m so confused, so I want to share this here to see if anybody found the same issues, and how to fix them if that’s possible.

The problem happens with the “function” function, when pressing rec, play or stop executes the second function copy,clear and paste, but the function button is not pressed.

Here is a video of the bug

I’ve realized that this problem mostly happens when copying pages many times (scale setup button + function + copy and then the same + paste in other page) but I’m not sure if that’s the only way to trigger that bug.

If anyone could help me I would be really thankfull. To be honest I had a really good opinion of Elektron, but after those issues (they sent me also a “fixed” machinedrum with something inside making noises when moving the device) I’m beggining to be really annoyed with them.


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looks REALLY bad! … seems to me like the function button is stuck, or motherboard issues! …

Thanks for the quick reply.

I would remark that I’m so confused, they sent me one b-stock MD, I’ve found this bug, I’ve sent it back to repair, they offered me other b-stock MD device, and I’ve got the same bug.

Could anyone sheld some light here please? Thanks in advance

P/D: Unfortunately I did a factory reset and the bug stil happens.

One year since this thread begun, and no reaction from the Elektron team. Bugs are still here. So ?

Did you send a support request to Elektron? If so, what was their response?

We had an exchange by mail in 2013, and Elektron aswered me this :


I am afraid I can not promise any updates for the MD OS about this.


The idea of never correcting known bugs is not a good strategy.

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Brand new MKII non UW…had it sending sync and transport to my TR-8 and noticed that when tweaking literally any parameter on the MD during playback eventually the two machines would shift out of time, more so it sounded like the TR-8’s pattern got wonky, like completely different not just out of time.

I didn’t explore it much, just switched to using the A4 as the master clock and fixed everything quick.

Didn’t seem worth an entirely new thread, but might be an issue to consider if someone wanted to use the MD as the master clock…

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I’ve been stuck on a similar problem for awhile now and I think I solved it. I am slaving the MD to the OT and just changing the MD patterns with a midi note, I would always get that double kick or stutter or whatever on the beginning of the loop. I found out once I changed my trig settings in MD map editor from gate to start and the length of the midi note on the OT to anything less than inf, no more dumb double kick stutter thing. I hope this helps someone because I was stuck on this shit for 2 years now.


My bad actually setting up the trig settings in the MD map editor to que instead. Also make sure program change channel is on in the MD.