Stickies / MD bug

Really close! but this has weird outcomes.

When you select QUE the pattern you trigger plays on the next bar, not on time.

MK1 owner here.
Whenever I get too adventurous and try to use the inputs on my MD I always end up with a corrupt OS and must do a full wipe and restore. Losing all my work.
This happens with trigger pads and external sound sources. It is as if voltage is leaking from the inputs to the flash memory the system instructions are stored in?
Very crazy behavior. This last time I could not open tempo, global menu or song edit. Basically any window which ‘pops up’.
Empty reset got it back to working perfectly. Until the next time I forget how evil those inputs are.

Maybe you already thought of this but I’ve learned to just treat all pieces of hardware as “accompaniment”, that is, don’t even try to sync multiple Elektron devices pattern-for-pattern to create “scenes” a la Ableton. Give each box a set purpose and control them all manually.

That said I had success sending program changes from the MD to an MPC1000 to add long phrases on top of beats, synced to tempo. MD makes a better master than slave as it turned out… maybe try reversing the hierarchy. OT might respond better.

just read this, 2 years later, and, strangely, this basic, quite obvious, idea sat me at ease. while still possible, i feel letting go of controlling everything by midi via one device is freeing up my creativity stuck somewhere between CC’s and hexadecimals.