Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]


You get what you pay for:

In this case: nothing


When there are people out there willing to pay for nothing
there will always be people willing to give you nothing for your money.


Incorrect assessment, since for many Overbridge was a part of the value proposition when they purchased their gear. For example at the time I bought my A4MKII if I knew OB2 would be delayed past December I would have glossed it over and bought modules instead. Too much of it’s functionality is buried in menus.


I thought Drumunkey & Ryan were talking about paying in advance for the Overbridge “premium” package. Meaning not the OB that “comes” with the devices.

I might have it wrong.


Quick question kwamensah, OB will make it so you no longer have to use the A4 menus?
I’m being genuine… this intrigues me…


Yeap. Like I said: didn’t seem like that was the issue I was responding to.

Also, nothing stopping anyone to run the analog output to a high speed interface and use direct monitor on that while using OB. If you really want to play live with an elektron box and a DAW, and thus need very low latency, you’re gonna need a top of the line audio interface.
No different when using any other instrument besides Elektron.


Yes. The VST/Standalone interface is much more intuitive for sound design, patch management and moving sounds to the sound pool. Bigger screen real estate means more information is readily available. For example, creating performance knobs will be way easier with drop down menus than endlessly scrolling through parameters. It was in OB1 and they’ve stated this functionality will be improved in OB2.


A pity this backlash will not cause the 2ndhand market to become flooded with affordable MDs & MnMs. I still don’t want the mk II analogs, the form factor is nowhere near boxy enough… I did notice the mk II retail prices have dropped in my local store though? Now the gap between a ”new” mk I & a ”new” mk II is much smaller it seems.


I imagine second hand prices will adjust again once the OB update arrives…


can someone start a similar panic over OT mkii :wink:


From my experience, when connected to OB the analog outputs are delayed. I spoke to support about this and they confirmed it was due to how Overbridge worked.

They mentioned offering an option to use OB just for total recall, which would remove the analog outputs latency.

Would be interested to hear how (and if) you’ve managed to configure it in a way that OB still offers recall and patch editing, but removes latency from the analog outputs?


I only have Heat and latency compensation works fine for how I use it. Live I don’t use a laptop. I thought setting the output in settings to analog out would help. Apperently not… My apologies for the confusion.

Hopefully the bump in speed on next update will help a bit :slight_smile:


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Just got my RYTM mkII, beautiful machine… but I miss OB, I really need it for the way I usually work.

@Olle, is there a rough ETA? I mean, are we talking July or December? Being a software developer myself (with 20+ years of experience) I know that such complex projects often take twice as long as anticipated, but I imagine you are already progressed far enough to give us some indication. It would be appreciated.

Greetings from Hamburg.


Don‘t expect a statement regarding an ETA. All you will get is „it will come“. My guess is rather December than July, and I‘m not even sure about the year, but that‘s all it is, my guess. If you already know you cannot live without OB, maybe reconsider your purchase. I may sound cynical, but that in a nutshell is the current state of affairs regarding OB.


If I think about Overbridge long enough it causes me pain. I don´t want to be in Elektron´s position and I seriously believe that it will never work properly. It´s easy to setup one Elektron machine working with a DAW. But imagine the following horrible scenario: Ableton running a few VST synths and also Plugins from a DSP system like UAD Apollo (they have their own latency that needs to be compensated). Then a MK1 Analog Rytm is running next to a MK2 Analog Four. Both have a different USB speed what somehow needs to be compensated. Then to make things even worse the Analog Four is using the CV/Gate outputs to trigger external hardware that is routed to my DAW running in an audio input channel using the Analog Heat as VST. That scenario is not completely unrealistic and must work on windows, mac, old computers, new computers…

Needless to say that the explained mess is already working with a classic audio / midi setup that I prefer. Elektron got themself into a huge pile of… . They need a shovel! Please excuse my referring to Twin Peaks.


It can, it mustnt :wink: If a company would take all possibilities into account, a piece of kit could never be completed. This is most definitely not Elektrons goal!

I assume that while rewriting the core of OB2 they faced serious issues which are hard to resolve - even in an isolated (and therefore ideal) setup. Its not compatibility they have trouble with i assume. They have much more fundamental problems i think. Otherwise we would already have the Beta - which is then used to improve compatibility. Wasnt that different as vanilla OB came out.


A golden shovel :slight_smile:


You gotta dig yourself out of the shit


Monday Apple’s WWDC will preview the next version of macOS and the release probably in September.
The future will be cross-platform for macOS and iOS. I’m affraid Overbridge will be pretty far out for that…