Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]

The development of Overbridge continues. Many of you have already enjoyed the sound-editing and multitrack recording capabilities made possible by an Elektron machine hooked up to a computer with Overbridge installed, and we know a lot of you are eagerly awaiting the next version of Overbridge, with support for Digitakt, Digitone, and the Analog MKII's. Overbridge is in many ways the most complex project we have ever undertaken, and it has admittedly been difficult to accurately predict the time and resources required to reach the high standards both you and we expect from an Elektron product. We are not quite there yet. That being said, our small but dedicated team of engineers are working fervently, and we can only kindly ask for your continued patience. Rest assured, releasing Overbridge is our highest priority. A few highlights of what to expect: * New reworked and unified graphics design with increased contrast and usability * New standalone editor, enabling DAW-less operation * Improved plugin compatibility for several DAWs * Enhanced performance using our new multi-process architecture * Lower latency ‡ * Faster Total Recall and Automation ‡ * Configuration-less USB audio streaming of all available channels simultaneously at maximum quality ‡ _‡ Only for high-speed USB products (currently Analog Heat, Digitakt, Digitone, Analog Four MKII, and Analog Rytm MKII)._ We're as eager to get our hands on Overbridge as you are. Most of us are musicians, too. In the meantime, keep making awesome music!

Does that means the Octatrack Mk2 isnt a high speed usb Product? Would be pitty if you cant stream the audio tracks to Overbridge.

The Octatrack and OT Mk2 will never have Overbridge. That’s been confirmed by Elektron.


Okay thanks dont know that!

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great, thanks for the update!

Good, perfect even. I don’t want my OT to have anything to do with OB


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i thought maybe it´s a new standard for elektron products…:grin:
Thanks for the Update!

They’ve put the new marketing hire to work.

Smart move.


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Oh wow. Which guidelines did it break? Last I saw people were having a chat…


Haaa yisssss. That looks awesome! It will be worth the wait, I’m sure.

Just expired because the official update was there I guess.


I’m interested to know more about this. Does this mean it will record all of the individual stems without use of a DAW? That would be great for me.


The USB in the OT has no connection for anything to do with audio. It’s simply there to transfer files to the cf card. Because of this, as electron have often said, overbridge on the OT is not a possibility.


For me too :heat::heat::heat::heat::heat::heat::heat::heat:


Good news, but…wait, and who has Mk1 and Mk2 models will not be able to use it?

Liking the looks of this icon!


Apparently only functions with ‡ won’t be available for MKIs.

…so there will be some latency between mk1 and mk2 models…