Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]


Already sold my rytm mkii, just listed my a4mkii yesterday. Time to move on from this company if it’s going to refuse to support me. 3 open tickets with no replies.


I doubt that Elektron has designed their machines personally for you, or for you, or for anyone else. They do what they do, following their philosophy. Their products, as are, then either work for you personally, or not.


He’s talking about the support team


An standalone version will be a very nice and useful upgrade. I’ll be waiting patiently.


Ah, you´re right, i missread. Sorry.


Keep up the great work Elektron. Thanks for sticking to this hard task. As a software guy myself, I would like to give your software team kudos for persevering. USB Stacks are not a walk in the park. If only people could really understand what you mean when you say it’s the most complex project you’ve ever undertaken. It will all be worth it though. :+1:


Personally I’m not sure if I’ll even use Overbridge when it comes out. I record fairly lo-fi, and don’t feel the need to micro-produce every individual track in to a glossy sheen. If I want some extra EQ/flanger/whatever on the drums I’ll just throw it on the whole kit, especially since the Digitakt lets you sort things out pretty well before you go in the box. It’s fine.

I do however understand that not everyone works that way, and see the appeal in having all the control individual outs give you. For those people I hope this gets sorted out soon, but I’d try not to get so hung up on it that you start selling your machines or leaving your music in purgatory. They’re still amazing boxes that are irreplaceable in a lot of ways. YMMV.


I’m mostly holding out for getting the pair of external inputs on my Digitone into my DAW.
Saves me from having to upgrade my Apogee Duet which only gets 2 tracks input.

With DN OB, I’ll be able to record my OT Main outs via the Duet and cue outs via the DN input, and just multi-track the DN synth tracks with OB.
As long as the latency isn’t too much more than what I get with my Duet 2 on Sierra, (128 samples = 4.7ms) I’ll be pleased.

In the meantime, the OT is a mixer and I’m doing a lot of drum work with the MIDI tracks and Live drum racks.


It’s a bit sad to see only two filter modes on that screenshot, I hope they just used an old screenshot for this post and some kind of bandpass filter will be implemented in DT before long (meaning before OB is out).


I don’t disagree, but you’ll be able to use literally any vst filter in the world once OB is here, so it may not sting quite as much, eh?


It is indeed a cycle. I think that’s why the appeal of older, discontinued hardware has only grown stronger with me. Find proven gear that rocked for its time and still works just fine. After playing with a friends old MPC2000XL, I’m like okay, I finally understand the appeal now. The thing is what it is, but it just works.


Yeah, just that i dont believe that we will see them release Overbridge anytime soon. BP filter will def allow to get better results with just stereo out


Has anyone mentioned the “chromatic playback” options hidden in the Rytm GUI?

That makes me hopeful for more accurate tuning on the drum machines!


From what I understand from the status updates we get is that there are core elements missing from Overbridge. They are not just tweaking things, they are probably re-writing them from the start. Once they are done there’s going to be some serious beta testing which will probably last for a long time.

I wouldn’t expect a release this year. Just a screenshot after so many months of development can’t be good news. So, either be (VERY) patient or sell and move on. You shouldn’t lose your sleep over this. It is what it is.


No offence, but that is going to sound absolutely dreadful on a big system. Fine for the roughest live set imaginable, but anything else, no.


I really don’t think it would sound THAT bad, but again what I do is pretty lo-fi by nature. I don’t think most people work that way though, which is why I hope OB gets sorted out soon. We’re on the same page. Personally I’m just working on weird little tape releases, not playing Ultra Festival.


Fair enough. If you’d said you were working on tape then I wouldn’t have said anything! It sounds flanged out of the box :slight_smile:


So glad I shelled out the extra $$$ for the stupid Overbridge TWO YEARS ago to get low latency… But I guess since OB on my AK will no longer work, at all, in my Reaper setup my latency is essentially zero…


Latency compensation doesn’t do :poop: when you’re playing live…


Remember when Elektron was going to actually CHARGE people for this? HAHAHA… Good times, good times…