Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]


Yep return it while you still can and get a TR-8S. At least that can stream all it’s tracks over usb and has stereo sample playback.


This whole Apple releasing a new OS every year has been dogshit for audio developers.


yea i really think apple is a huge part of the problem for OB. nothing works the way it’s supposed to


Ovebridge is such a massive task that Elektron should have made it a separate PAID app, and with the funds they could hire a whole dedicated team to solving it. And non-OB progress on the machines would continue unhindered


what would be the point of the ETA if they have absolutely no idea when they can solve these show stopper issues? so that if they miss it the whole community would be in an uproar again? we need to accept the facts and move on for now


It was a paid app. Then they totally missed the mark and made it free.


Being in a similar business (games) I know their situation, but I assume the folks are already progressed far enough to be able to provide a “no promises” ETA. If you have worked on something for several years you know if you are 50% done or 95%. I find the current situation of total uncertainty not really satisfying. At least elektron could say something like “we hope to get it done around August, but we cannot promise anything”. That would give me a basic idea at least.


May I just return my Rytm MK2 because of the missing overbridge?

I bought the device a few months ago, being assuerd by the seller that “it will become available next days” - which was indeed aligned with what Elektron was saying, “ca. half of February”.
I like the Rytm but until I can connect it to my DAW (like advertised), it’s useless for me in a specific workflow/hardware setup I have. Yes, I have an option to buy additional 8-channel audio interface, but that’s the cost of more than half of the Analog Rytm mk2. If I knew that before, I would get something else. I understand that for some of the users overbridge is a “bonus feature”, but for me it was a deciding factor while buying the device - and yes, it was stated on the package, on the website and by the seller that this feature is there.



I’d be happy if they made “just” the editor plus a Digitakt firmware that provides class compliant (multi track) audio outputs like the Rolands do - just without extra drivers. Or bring out the editor first and add functionality later. Other than that I am using the Digitakt happily as it is and it is quite inspiring.


If I were you I‘d discuss this with Elektron directly. I assume they will find a solution that works for you.


You may want to read up on the history of the whole debacle here and I guarantee you you will come to the same conclusion. If you‘re planning to rely on Overbridge you‘re gambling. It will always be threatened by OS and DAW updates. From my point of view the whole concept is fundamentally flawed and in my opinion it is doomed to fall short of expectations, regardless of how great it will be. I‘d love to be proven wrong. On the bright side, your shiny new AR MK2 comes with individual analog outs, which in my point of view will be the only reliable long term recording solution.


If you use a DAW with external gear seriously, I think you need a serious sound card, with good converters, several inputs.

With Analog series, I guess sound quality should be better with an external dedicated good quality sound card. Elektron Midi implementation is exhaustive, so my choice with a DAW would be my RME soundcard, but these days my DAW is Octatrack !

With DT and DN I don’t have, it’s another story.
I think Overbridge is really useful in that case for digital output.


an ADAT output would have worked wonders


Didn’t Elektron already do this…more than once? Gave a no promises eta? & what happened… numerous people got upset, it got turned into “Elektron promised!” & “I can’t use (insert Elektron product here) without OB!”

Honestly if Elektron never mentioned anything until it was actually close to complete or until OB was actually useable on the gear in question there wouldn’t be all this madness. They should keep quiet from here on out until they can back up their words.


Adat input / output for Octatrack. :heart_eyes:


I think they did it because OB is a major selling point of the DT. I think it would have been better to hold off on the DT and then release it when OB is ready. Or at least have OB ready, release the DT with “OB coming soon” and then release OB shortly thereafter… would have given them the rep points too.


Yea. I feel bad for both sides in this situation too be honest. More bad for the customers, but who ever is dealin with OB on the other side, I feel bad for them too.

I don’t use OB with the Heat, but I get why it’s wanted where it’s missing. The whole concept is amazing. If it works smoothly.


They should just call Kempfer and ask how its done…


Ti was not working as it does now in the first place and it streams less channels iirc.

OB is working fine btw. Just not on the MKII or new units.
A whole lot of the problem is Apple, messing with their USB stack from release to release and the users which follow that route. I bet OB2 could be up and running already if the outer circumstances would stop fucking around with elektron’s ob dev team.
A PC/Mac which is used for music creation should neither be connected to the internet nor should every unnecessary update be applied to it. Hassle gone instantly.


It’s beginning to be quite certain OB will never be finished properly. Elektron seems to be unable to accept the situation after putting lots of resources into the development. It’s a situation that sometimes happens with software development. The sooner they stop banging their heads on the wall and scrap OB, the better.