Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]


Hi everyone, I’m new here,
sorry if I do a double thread but I didn’t found any satisfying answer yet.

I own a Digitakt , the firmware is 1.10 and my computer is a Mac with high Sierra 10.13.5

Overbridge (1.15.0) can’t recognize the device, even if I restart the Mac or install again the software.
Can anyone help me?


Overbridge does not currently support the Digitakt- Elektron is promising to release a compatible version in the future. We’re all waiting anxiously for it.


Thanks for the answer


Nice. Thanx for posting!

Nevertheless: after almost 6 months of closed beta I thought OB2 had progressed further. Doesn’t look as it is coming soon (with all the other devices still missing).

Overbridge 2.0 Beta - video #3: midi madness

Not here to bitch around but does anyone know if there is plan for the phases?
Bought an AR2 and just want to know if they have like a set plan for the beta test phases.


Why is the ”appropriate forum” for questions a locked thread?

Overbridge 2.0 Beta - video #3: midi madness

They are questions that require an answer that only an official can give. And officials can reply in locked threads.


Okay. Haven’t seen much replies from officials lately so maybe it would be good to open the discussion so people can speculate?


You said the same for Digitakt driver six months ago when the beta started. Any idea why there is still no public release if this is the case?


It does seem strange that the only feedback and clue of OB progress is given to the public by a single customer in this thread alone?
Wouldn’t you think Elektron should instead be providing these video updates, feedback etc to the general public to keep them informed on progress, rather than just a customer?
Quite bizarre really, and kind of surprising this thread exists considering, and yes you can hide this post if you like

Overbridge 2.0 Beta - video #3: midi madness

Yes it is strange. I also find it weird that all discussion about the beta and release gets moved to the locked thread, if it is not praise.


@psyclone001 @lemons nothing strange really : you’re just bringing nothing to the thread, and driving it towards sterile off-topic ranting we’ve seen countless times already.
But you seem smart enough to guess this.
Why keep coming back at it, then?


where is OB2.0 for AR mk1 ?

i want to use Transfer, but dont want to loose OB when i update on the 1.45 OS.
is it still not released, yet??

7 × OS Update

It’s not released yet, the beta is still underway.


Anybody testing with the new Macbook Pro? I’m interested to see how OB would behave with the necessary USB hub (and Mojave). I’m in the market for a new laptop. :wink:

Overbridge 2.0 Beta - video #3: midi madness

I could test with a mpb2018 … if someone can send me the beta :rofl:


You should discuss that with Elektron. Beta testers are asked not to forward the files.


Yes I’m a beta tester and have been asked to assassinate anyone trying to bribe their way into getting a copy.Youve been warned.
ps its awesome


Too bad the beta isn’t open, I get my shiny new DT tomorrow and would love to see how it works now that OB is closer to completion.


Can somebody give us an update how the beta is progressing please?
Like how much devices still need to be tested with drivers and plugin…
That would give us a little bit of an idea how much time until final release.

Thanks in advance!