Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]


It looks good. Everything beyond that would just be a wild guess.


Does that mean, that all Overbridge enabled devices already received their beta drivers and plugin testing, or is for example, the A4 or AR still missing their drivers…?! My question wasn’t about guessing a release date… It was more towards progress the beta concerning…


not to be all sour grapes, but it is rather disappointing that elektron hasn’t opened up portions of the beta to the customers that bought a box in 2017 that said “Overbridge Enabled.” here we are at 2019’s doorstep, with a working driver, and by all accounts a working standalone version and no official channel to at least try it out. There are ways around that but it leaves a really bad taste in my mouth so to speak. I like the digitakt, however it’s the last elektron product i’ll ever purchase after this experience.


Hi guys,

so I came here to research why my A4mkii wasn’t being recognised by OB on my mbp 10.13.6 2018 set up, I tried different, cables, ports even laptops (2012mbp 10.13.6) to no avail, but after some reading im guessing the mkii is simply not supported on high Sierra, my question is, when this beta is released, A4mkii will be supported? the gutting thing is I had a toss up today when buying this unit, the A4mkii or another synth (different brand), OB integration sold it for me lol how wrong was i?!?!

Overbridge 2.0 Beta - New Review + setup video online

So it seems they couldn’t get OB2 finished in 2018, even though it was originally promised to be out in 2017. They also haven’t answered ay queries here about it in months. Not looking too good.

Should be interesting to see what they say about OB in NAMM interviews if anyone dares to ask them about it. I bet cuckoo and other people sponsored by them won’t even ask about it but hopefully someone will…

Overbridge 2.0 Beta - New Review + setup video online

anyone know if they wll release overbridge soon? I bought this wonderful synth thinking I could use it to transfer to my laptop my sounds, I can’t really afford a nice audio interface because they don’t really sell them or deliver them here… (some people can get them but everything costs 20-40 percent more)…

I should have done more research but I just was able to grab this on my visit to the United States and seemed so neat and I saved for half a year…

I love this thing so much but it makes me sad I cannot to transfer it to my DAW


Head over to the following thread to read about the latest unofficial news (no official news available since a long time):

To summarize: no fixed date yet, but there is progress.


You don’t need overbridge to use it with your DAW. Send it midi and get the audio back just like every other synth.

Or better yet, ditch the DAW and write your music entirely on the DN. Embrace the creative power of limitation.


He want to use the digitone as audio interface :wink:


heh, i missed that part. :frowning:

I still strongly believe in the power of ditching the DAW for a while though.


this what I want to do… Thank you … I am counting the days


me too thats why I love this machine


Picked one of these up today decided to by one on a bit of a whim after buying a Peak so i hadn’t researched it greatly like i did the Peak.
Although not really my first hardware synth it is my first hardware that works properly & that i will be able to use in my setup. I guess being a hobbyist i’d always justified that software was good enough.

I’m enjoying both synths immensely I just want to buy more now. Both synths have been fairly straightforward to learn so far. I am taking a bit more time to learn the digitones sequencer & the way it uses patterns within projects.

I’m also a bit confused about overbridge, as it features in the manual but website implies its going to become available at some time?


OB is still in beta for Digitone, hope it will come soon!