Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]


I’ve seen the Dave Mech #3 video but I also remember seeing a news update from Elektron, maybe about 3-4 weeks ago. Came through via email with links to the ‘News’ page after Dave’s youtube update, but now i can’t seem to find it anywhere!

Does anyone else remember seeing this or did I dream it?


The latest update via email was 11/2 - no mention of overbridge in it at all.

The email update from 10/19 has only a link to Dave Mech’s YouTube videos with this text:

_Overbridge Brief: A sneak peek _
_ _
Work on Overbridge 2.0 continues. To avoid compromising smooth operation for one of the major computer OS environments, some of the core functionality has to be reworked. Again, thanks to all you meticulous testers for helping out. Multi-platform functionality is a tough nut to crack, but it is what we’re dead-set on doing.

Check out Dave Mech’s video where he shares his impressions of a recent Beta build. Thanks Dave!


VST testing for Windows. Driver for macOS and Windows.


@digitalist, that was it exactly. thanks.


Is it that time when I Can i start asking where OB2 is? I want both DV and OB.


Why cant you get DVCO?


If I upgrade to 1.45 I lose working OB. :frowning:


Ahh ok.
I’m on the OB beta.
Although I haven’t really dug in, it looks like progress is good.
I imagine it will come pretty soon, but that’s truly a guess.
DVCO is fantastic though, whole new machine.


For sure. I used it quickly when it was released. So unique.

I’m just trying to be practical and get work done.


I see tons of posts related to the topic but since Elektron has decided not to include the “year” in the date of posts, I can’t tell if these are old posts or new… October 2016 or 2018?.. who knows.





Post that don’t include a year are from this year. Otherwise the year is attached to the post. It’s likely the way the forum software functions.

Also if you click the news section that will give you official from elektron post



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Overbridge 2.0 BETA is here! - Analog Heat Plugin! (FOURTH VIDEO ONLINE!)

when release date OB for A4 Mk2?

Overbridge not working with analogue 4 mk2

The lack of updates on OB 2.0 is now getting really frustrating. Putting out an exclusive beta was also really confusing thanks but have always been one of the biggest elektron fans from day one… buying a synth that your fired up about integrating into your setup and waiting a year basically has me like this company is beyond wack and is only watching out for their dollar. Why did Elektron not hire additional team members for a short period time to tackle the problem they created, would have been possible? the MKI has more connectivity than the MK2 technically?

Overbridge 2.0 BETA is here! - Analog Heat Plugin! (FOURTH VIDEO ONLINE!)

they are complaints that need to be heard by elektron and a warning to future buyers, its not fair to a consumer that buys a product at full price and only gets some of its full functionality a year later and waiting? give a discount? bring in additional support? they are still collecting they’re money, they earned around an estimated $7 million dollars a year profit last year. You do the math, if it was working we could be talking about how great it is, pretty easy.


As a software developer, I’m fine with the delays on the Overbridge release- Those sorts of problems usually can’t be solved by just hiring more people.

The only thing that would really upset me is if they delay the release of the drivers (which is what 90% of people really care about) just because they want to release the plugin/UI stuff at the same time.


Never judged the complaints in that post, quite the opposite. The thing is, there are already multiple topics addressing the delay. The complaints were heard by Elektron a long time ago as well. A couple of employees even commented on them in said topics.

I just suggested to keep this topic on topic and let it not become yet another complaint box. Would still be nice if we could manage that :slight_smile:



Well that’s already happened, the driver was phase 1