Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]


Those two words basically have the same meaning to me, reworked is a more positive way of saying redone. Semantics I know. But I don’t think my word choice is really the topic, and I’m not looking to really debate the difference between reworked and redone. Either way it seems like another major delay to the already long delay.

Are you beta testing? Do you know for sure problems have arisen for apple os?


From a macOS developer beta perspective it’s not too hard to read between the lines of some of the possible changes that may be necessary to both take advantage and support the new OS.


So I’m not Mac savvy, what is the obvious message if one reads “between the lines”?

My last Mac was a 2004 MacBook with snow leopard…


The public beta may still be subject to an NDA for some aspects btw and given that there are only two OS environments supported one imagines Elektron intend to minimise concern by purposely wording it as above so I’m not sure it helps to speculate on that point (given it’s seemingly withheld) - but it does have a slightly ominous tone to it, I guess in terms of managing timescale expectations … time will tell


Sorry, I’m not trying to be such a nerd. I also have no idea about their previous or existing code base, but if they want to take advantage of new graphics and rendering frameworks or UI things like Dark Mode or how things are signed and distributed outside of their App Store it may be some of those things.


I figured that about possible NDA and which OS is having problems. Also probably why they point to Dave mech’s video of ob working great on windows in the email. I would still like to hear from a beta tester if possible so it’s less of a speculation.

That last statement I wrote in the original post was more in hopes of deterring the types of post that will ultimately get flagged and shut down my topic.


Indeed, and that was not my point. Being a software developer, I do see a difference between the two. And in my language, that difference translate to “another delay” (rework) and “another big delay” (rebuild). But take it with a grain of salt… it’s overbridge after all :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

No, this is all speculation for now, but since mojave is only a month old and other software vendors have had their share of problems (see akai for example ) while others told their customers not to upgrade to mojave now (MakeMusic with Finale), I’m willing to bet a beer or two on this :wink:



This one seems to cause problems to many vendors.

Put that in front of “avoid compromising smooth operation” and for me it’s pretty clear where the problem is.


I’m not up on the Mac game, and didn’t realize Mojave was such a big overhaul for the os. I know Mac OS updates have long been known to cause disruptions in operation of music software. Thanks for directing me towards.


When Spectrasomics walked their Omnisphere 2.5 crew out on stage recently for their upgrade presentation, that was cool. Great passion and hard work deserved to be recognised.

I hope elektron do the same thing when they get over this little mountain. Pushing the envelope, and so close to delivery. Many elektron users are elderly nerds familiar with techie code protocol struggles, so we salute your crazy mission. Climb the biggest mountain, just because it is there.

Beta has been looking extremely good for windows users, hopefully Apple gremlins yield soon.


Could’ve slapped on an ADAT for 20p and saved 2 years of pain (not to mention the continuing struggle against OS updates into the infinite future). Such an awful idea. Of course that is merely my own opinion.


Yeah, this doesn’t need to to turn into one of those conversations. I asked a question, I received what I thought to be a sufficient answer.

Mods (@PeterHanes, @AdamJay, @avantronica) feel free close this before it’s gets thrown down that path.


I would prefer to get actual answers from Elektron, but I know that expecting such a thing is frowned upon here so maybe it really is better to close this discussion.


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So when can we actually expect Overbridge 2.0 to be released?

Overbridge 2.0 BETA is here! - Analog Heat Plugin! (FOURTH VIDEO ONLINE!)

No one knows, no one has ever known…its one of life’s great mysteries.


Maybe with Ableton 11 :wink:


Ableton 11 would break OB and it wouldn’t be released for another year


I have the Digitone, Digitakt, and tomorrow I’ll also own the Heat. Does Overbridge currently work with any of these three products? :sunglasses:


No (unless you are in overbridge beta)