Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]


Any update on how this is going or how close it is to being released?

Overbridge 2.0 BETA is here! - Analog Heat Plugin! (FOURTH VIDEO ONLINE!)

many many more miles to go!


Just curious. How is the beta? Any testers here? Does Elektron release uptdates frequently?

Digitakt Overbridge

If somebody knows is electron going lunch out overbridge?
Why is such a hard to connect ableton with octatrack , when this last one is overprised itesm .


The hardware of Octatrack is outdated to work w/OB. Been discussions too many of times, guessing you missed it?


Overbridge will launch when it does - nobody knows and it’s only part way through the beta steps, so not too soon

It’s nothing to do with Octatrack as said

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having trouble connecting rytm 2 and overbridge


OB for AR2 is in beta just now


hello friends, when I bought the Elektron products it was because of the total integration that they promised, at that time I did not know the problem with the development of the AU plugin, now after almost a year of waiting I feel cheated and defrauded with this company and I am thinking in denouncing the store that sold me their products.
AR, AF, OCT, ditone, analog heat.
I know that developing a product like an overbridge is not easy but you can not sell it before you have it.



Apologies if this has been asked before - I’m not in the OB private beta (obviously). I have an A4 Mk2, Analog Keys, Digitakt and a Rytm MK2 (I love this setup btw). Are the OB drivers in private beta currently available for all of these machines? I.e. is the plan to roll out OB support for all Elektron units at the same time once the beta is over - or is there focus on specific units at the moment?

I assume the drivers work independently from the DAW plugin? Im mainly interested in streaming tracks to my daw atm.

Thanks in advance


I would assume nothing. OB has been a clusterfuck.


Not sure on this one but it would seem from the noise being made that Digitakt is getting the initial focus (Windows version). I’m sure they are all being worked on though and appear to be going through Beta phases (sorting the audio driver then standalone, then vst, etc).

The recent DT video looked very encouraging though.

Bottom line, don’t hold your breath and dont fret about it. It’s gonna happen but none of us can tell you how soon. It genuinely wouldnt surprise me if it ends up being beyond next Summer for all products to have their full OB enabled.


I can’t wait to try out the new OS WITH Overbridge.
Is there any news / update about the release!

Thanks in advice.


OB2 will be definitely be compatible with Rytm MK1, but it is currently in a multi-step beta testing process, there are many sperate components to the OB2.0 software suite: Mac/Windows audio soundcard drivers, and the VST/au plugins, etc …so the testing and solidifying of the whole shebang is a long process but IS taking place as we speak, in a closed beta testing group. It’s hard to say how far along they are, but certain components have been finished.


Thanks for the reply. I hope I can get a beta or rc version soon!
Is there any way to get a pass for the beta test? I’m a more or less weekly OB user with Rytm and Ableton Live on PC Win 10 64 bit.


beta testing group signup window closed a while back.


okay. np



So the elektron new email I received today had this to say about overbridge

Can anyone beta testing shed light on this? Any idea What core functionality needed to be rebuilt? I’ve only seen good things from the beta testers, so this is a shock.

This is incredibly disappointing news

If you guys could Please refrain from the typical overbridge nonsense and let someone with actual information chime in, that would be awesome.


Reworked… not rebuilt. I wouldn’t be suprised if that would have to do with osx mojave.