Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]


When I still used Mac OS, I never updated as soon as a new os came out. Many software fall behind because of how fast Mac releases new os’s. Best is to stay a year or 2 behind. If it works it works, no reason to update. Has always been like this and every professional I know that still uses Mac OSX works like this as well.


Totally agree about this, but it’s up to Elektron to communicate this.


Isn’t this under the new law enforcement in Germany about advertising products without exact/specific release dates? I know this became an issue for game devs recently, but nevermind “coming soon,” but rather this one says it on my box…

Anyone know how this is being handled in Germany? Just curious…


First time I hear about this… any source? I’m always telling my customers “it’s done whrn it’s done.” and no one ever told me sth. about false advertising.

Serious request: a source would be very nice. TIA.


first google result

Apparently started with a Samsung Galaxy pre-order, and went to the high courts of Germany to include all industries, including music/movies/video games. And video game pre-order has become massive in the past decade. Wish the US had some sort of consumer protection in general…

Anyway, looks like the law applies to OverBridge based on the fact that THEY TOOK MONEY for it. I didn’t read the whole thing, but something about announcements not counting, unless they take money. Then they need to deliver ON THE DAY or before. Otherwise there can be fines and penalties. in the comments here

Here is the article they all seem to link back to. I’m sure there’s a more “government” website source, but this is what cursory google searches yielded. Hope this helps!


No one has ever paid anything for overbridge.

At one point there was a proposed premium version of overbridge 2.0 but that was dissolved with one of the delay announcements.


i’ve moved on from Overbridge, don’t care for it. looking forward to DT mk2


Fine, file it under “false advertising” I guess…

Here’s the thing - I bought mine last spring, and if I knew I couldn’t use it the way it was advertised for over a year, I would have purchased something else instead (maybe another Elektron box, maybe not). Now I definitely can’t get a refund, because it’s been so long, and I have no recourse other than to sell it. I don’t want to sell it because I want to get my music off first. I can’t do that, because I need the software! (ironically, if I had the software, I wouldn’t want to sell it anymore!).

It’s quite a Catch-22 situation that I’ve been quietly following for a long time. Frustrating.

Lastly, they 100% DID take money for it. It is a part of the system (as advertised on the box). It says “Overbridge Enabled” on the back under “Highlights.” You know what this is all like? If they came out and couldn’t sample yet, only play factory sounds or USB loaded sounds, but it said “Sampling capability” and “64MB sample memory” on the back (as it does) and people say “Oh, give them a chance, it DOES sequence drum sounds which is why you bought it in the first place, right?? Stop complaining. A sampler doesn’t have to sample to be useful; if you don’t like it, sell it!”

What if OP1 came out and the battery couldn’t work without being plugged in all the time? “It’s portable!” but you can’t use it unless you have an outlet handy… “Don’t worry, battery charging feature is coming in fall 2017!.. I mean Feb 2018!.. I mean…”

this is a stupid argument. Bottom line is there has been false advertising and NO acknowledgement of it. If it comes out next week and a new customer buys it, doesn’t like the software, they can return it for a refund with no penalty, because that’s really a part of the product. Everybody else is left high and dry.

I’m a big fan of the sequencer, and if I had to do it again I’d probably buy an Elektron box to be honest - just not the DT!


Will it be hardware-only and have multiple outputs and song mode instead of OB? Because that does sound appealing… If it keeps the small size, a battery/cordless option would be awesome, or a built in power supply like old MPCs?


This is such a tired argument, and sentiment that has been express to death on this forum. I get it, some people feel that overbridge enabled meant they were paying for overbridge.
Some people feel overbridge has always been a separate product.

I bought my dt last spring as well, having it over a year makes you no more special than anyone else around here. WE have all been waiting on overbridge for some amount of time. WE are all in the same boat.

Ultimately, are YOU going to take legal action? If so, do it. If not what’s the point of stirring up this nonesense yet again. Especially now that there is finally progress on the what’s going on with overbridge and the forum hasn’t been so volatile


I only brought it up because I mentioned the German court ruling and was called out on this situation not being covered under that law. I was asking for an update from anyone in Germany who knew anything about it. That’s why I stirred it up. Relevant topics have made news lately.


the Part of the thread you where brought up legality was in the middle of beta testing related discussions, and was entirely just to stir the pot IMO. You were “called out” because yes, I do believe you are wrong in this situation stating that money has been taken for overbridge.
Especially, if you are claiming you got in last spring, effectively preorder when overbridge was a separate and proposed premium product with a separate price from the retail price of the digitakt.
Multi streaming audio, 2in/2out audio interface, those were overbridge premium features (I still have my box) and weren’t advertised as included with the buy price early on.

Of course, Any legal savvy individual could probably argued a case either way.


Its upsetting to come to a music forum and read legal ees rubbish tbh!!!


Maybe some kind of group action would be the way to go? I think it can be argued that advertised functionality provided by OB is part of of the price of OB enabled devices. Elektron boxes aren’t exactly cheap so customers should expect to get what they pay for.


The argument can be made depending on when the device was bought.

If you bought the dt early on when overbridge premium was a thing, features like the multitrack audio streaming, the 2in/2out audio interface, & daw integration were part of overbridge premium and thus not included in the price of the product. As there was an expected additional price for these features.

If you bought in after overbridge was made entirely free I can see where the advertising is misleading.

The individual I was responding to says they bought in last spring. This is still When overbridge premium was a thing. And thus those feature were never paid for by that individual, as no one ever paid for overbridge premium.


Even before OB Premium was removed out of the equation, functionality provided by Overbridge Basic was included in the price of the device (Sample manager/librarian functionality, MIDI over USB, Digitakt sequencer/DAW sync, Computer screen visualization of Digitakt parameters, time limited Audio streaming of Main outs over USB etc).


Most of your list was premium stuff. Only 2 things were listed on the box for basic. Funny enough, at this point, midi over usb and sample management are available without overbridge.


All of the things I mentioned belonging in Overbridge Basic were included originally in Overbridge Basic. What I listed was direct copy-paste from the original e-mail from Elektron about it back in March 2017. This mail was what many based their purchase decisions on.

The mail has been refererenced in this thread if you don’t have the original anymore (I do): Overbridge Premium?


Such a fail for Elektron. Two of my friends have sold their Digitakt (and don’t want to hear from them anymore…) :sweat_smile:


I’m in Goteborg. Will walk to Elektron HQ to see if there are bugs flying around…:wink: