Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]


I’m on my way back from Iceland and Norway, saw a lot of trolls there. They were pretty harmless :joy:

Note: trolls are part of some countries believes…


I posted several features that Digitakt was sold with since the beginning. Specifically these are:

Overbridge Basic Highlights
Sample manager/librarian functionality
Digitakt sequencer/DAW sync
Computer screen visualization of Digitakt parameters
Audio streaming of Main outs over USB (time limited sessions)

Quite good argument could be made that people paid for these features. Of course later buyers could expect even more features since OB Premium features were later advertised as part of Digitakt too.

That might be for the best, if you are not willing to change your opinion even when the facts are against you.


Interacting with you is a waste of time and energy. As Much as my opinions isn’t going to be changed, the same could be said for yours.
We will continue to disagree. As I see the facts entirely against you, just as you see them against me. Your trolling is getting boring. Produce a receipt for your overbridge payment, then you can clearly say you paid for overbridge. Legally no one cares if you theoretically pay for something.


I don’t see my posts as “trolling” unless critical point of view of how Overbridge situation has been handled is trolling in this forum. I think you are trolling yourself when you deny facts - like the fact that Digitakt has been advertised from the start with having Overbridge as a feature - both free and premium (and later only free).

I also don’t think that I would need a separate receipt for Overbridge to be able to expect to have Overbridge functionality. If I have a receipt for a product that is advertised to include Overbridge, that should be enough, don’t you think?

I hope you do agree that Digitakt and MK2 series were (and still are) advertised with having Overbridge functionality?


My point was that the argument can be made that overbridge has and always will be a separate product. One that no one has actually paid for and no one has any sort of paperwork stating otherwise. Overbridge enabled =/= overbridge included. I personally see the overbridge list on the back of the dt as an advertisement for an additional product. I don’t get seeing this or any related overbridge adverts as anything more than pushing a second product on the userbase. Sorry if you are refusing to see that point of view.

I’ve evaluated your point of view that you in theory paid for overbridge but I’m not finding anything you present convincing in that aspect.

I see your post as trolling as they attempt to pull away from the point being made by the person you are responding to, in an attempt for you to be right. Rarely do you seem to fully read anyone’s response, and you selectively quote and answer in such. You also seem to contribute noting positive to the community. But hey just my point of view and I could be wrong.


That’s semantics, not sure how you can even argue this one. For all intents and purposes, Overbridge enabled means that Overbridge functionality is included.

I always read posts fully, but many times most of the post is not worth commenting on.

I think it makes the thread easier to read if people don’t quote complete posts but rather the part that captures what the person has to say (you can always scroll up and read the complete post). I don’t “selectively” quote to make it seem the person says something he didn’t say even though you seem to suggest that I do.

Yeah, well when you lose money because Elektron can’t keep its promises, you tend to become a bit negative. I have been member of this forum (and the one preceding it) for a while and it has not always been like this with Elektron.


RWhen legality in advertising is being examined, semantics is what it ultimately comes down too.

Edit: additionally from my perspective it’s not semantics. When I bought my dt overbridge premium was a thing. Meaning all the “features” of overbridge were tied to me purchasing an additional product, a license for overbridge premium. As there was an expected additional cost for me, the purchasing of another product, I’ve never seen overbridge enabled the same as overbridge included.

I’ve been around for a long time across this and the eu forum as well. I know elektron and the forums have changed quite a bit. It’s dissapointing for sure. But how we choose to interact with others here is still a choice. I believe elektron disappointing you shouldn’t need to equal negativity spread to this community. As they are two separate entities.


What the hell @lemons can´t you just open a private discussion where you can repeat the SAME arguments that were presented like a year ago over and over again? Overbridge is not ready yet and Elektron is busy fixing it. They make statements if something happens (like the beta phase or OS updates) and will release the WHOLE overbridge suite when it´s done. Since you stated several times that you are DONE with Elektron and sold everything I really don´t understand where you take all the energy to complain from.


Well… he isn’t the only one repeating him self. The apologists must share the blame. I think both camps should let it go now… Things are finally moving forward with OB. This is great but people are understandably pissed and will be until it’s finished and beyond. I will certainly think twice before ordering any new products from Elektron in the future. Analog Rythm is still my favorite drum machine though.


The whole reason people are so angry is because Elektrons products kick so butt.
Rytm is #1.
When overbridge drops, and rytm gets inside the daw again (ive upgraded for the dual vco, and cant go back now :P)…Mmm, saftige saker, as we say in Norway.


I don’t understand the need to call individuals apologist or attempt to be insulting because they don’t agree with certain viewpoints or share the same vitriol as some here. Especially when no one is defending elektron. Elektron has dropped the ball hard here.

As I stated earlier, I share the sentiment that I don’t understand the nonsense starting up again when overbridge is actually moving forward. Some people need the negativity I guess.


If someone posts a comment and I feel like replying to it, I do so with my point of view.

If Elektron communicated more towards community, maybe there would be more to discuss.

Where have I stated this? I don’t recall doing it even once and I would certainly not be DONE with Elektron, if they get their act together. :slight_smile:



Overbridge still under construction! Proof in the picture!

Elektron HQ almost under a big green bridge for the funny part!

I go on with my Goteborg visit, cool city!

Keep on Elektron, i miss my Digitone stayed at home.


Overbridge should move forward much quicker than it is now. They started the beta month ago and have only tested Windows driver so far, and even it doesn’t seem to work reliably. It’s not that “some people need negativity”, it’s the situation that causes it.


When you continually bring it up over and over. Yes, i will say that signifies, some people need the negativity. Especially ones like you who are given information and refuse to accept it. (Let’s not forget your continual, why hasn’t the driver been release questioning, how many people told you bugs before you accepted that as an answer). We are all responsible for our own actions, elektron isn’t forcing your immensely negative interactions here. It’s a choice for you to keep coming back and interacting this way


I’m sorry if that came off as offensive (Not intended). I just mean that people telling people not to complain fuels the fire. On the other hand I have no problem with the driver for my ARMK2 and windows. I’m sure OB will be great when it’s finally released.


The thing with that was that some people insisted there were no issues at all with it - for example davemech who I saw as trustworthy as he posted the video review earlier etc. It was hard to see what the actual reason for the delay was because of contradictory comments.

Actually you yourself didn’t see bugs as the reason for the delay, according to you it was because it would alienate MacOS users is Windows users got a working driver first.


I actually stated bugs a few times on top of the Mac thing.
Other users told you bugs too.

This is what I meant earlier by selective reading and responding.


So you yourself gave me two completely different reasons for not releasing the Windows driver.

I wanted to know the actual reason, that’s why I kept the discussion going about that until I got proper reason (glitches in the audio stream which is a serious issue and very familiar from OB1).


Hey, if you need to be right that much, I concede. All you dude. We are just talking in circles now.