Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]


Thats whats known a beta testing. Sure it werks fine. Let it werk fine for a couple weeks to be sure that no unseen bugs pop up…QA.

When we finish a game we will QA for 3 months.
Even if all looks good, even STILL bugs can slip through.

I liken this to the anxious press from those to have the DT sooner…it came with bugs and then there were complaints about that.

Theres no winning with impatients.
(Read up on QA practices)


So as a seasoned professional, how long should people need to be patient in your opinion? It’s been two years soon. Is it okay to complain after five years?


Not completely true, I’m experiencing issues with it, I’m not sure if i’m aloud to say but experiencing distortion and glitches with the latest driver so I think it will help if elektron is dealing with a small number with these kind of issues to start with , I understand every ones frustration so I’m not even going to go into the be patient blah blah , all I can say is its coming real soon (be patient haaaa) :slight_smile:


Seriously, contact elektron support directly If you actually want to know why they can’t release just the driver. If you aren’t just trolling, it would get an official answer that you could share here. Honestly, I’m sure some people would like an answer to it. Emailing elektron directly is the likeliest way to get that answer.


Now that sounds more like what I expected as a reason for the delay. That also sounds just like my issues with OB1. If it does that, then it should certainly not be released…


HA…thats a loaded question.
Just depends on the project. But there was a game that was QA-ed for three years, code being started from scratch 3 times. While another was a three month QA cycle, no option on release date. The second went out with a lot of ‘known bugs’ but deemed low level.

Just depends on companies’ practice and what they are comfortable releasing to the public.

I suggest trying to be patient and hope for the best.
Thats all i got for you my friend.


recent projects ive been on have had QA for their entire length (3yrs + ) , at the end its 100’s of people in multiple time zones , pretty much the entire team fixing things (again 100’s) , and we close down changes over the end phase and slowly lock out various teams (art , characters , vfx) to enable to engine/code teams to nail down the hard to fix things and properly analyse the game to pin point optimisations.
eventually we may enforce that every code fix is double checked by another coder , and specific repro steps are undertaken by specialist QA to ensure the changes hasnt broken something unexpected.

and it’ll still have a day zero patch , day 15 patch being worked on as soon as its gone gold (the version that goes on the dvd)… this is across multiple formats , especially hard on pc .
and the forums go ballistic if they find an issue as they have no idea whats already going on , and they are entitled to as theyve spent money buying it.

would anyone expect a game to get released once the front end is ready ? , while the rest of it is unfinished ?
when massively multiplayer games have an open beta , its probably because its already had many many months of a QA team playing on it , its very hard to QA a project that needs people to log in across the world and test the servers…

an individual bug may only be found when the game has been running for 18 hours , on a particular area of the game , specific platform with 75% of the pickups … to recreate that AND then check if the fix has worked takes a long time.

it wont get released until its ready , and even then likely to have issues.complaining on a forum wont speed that up .
I hope many principles from doing QA on games is being done on this , many are pretty standard for QA but i dont know the scale involved , it certainly isnt going to be similar to any big AAA console title which has many millions of $$$ involved. QA happens on pretty much everything , can you imagine something that has critical safety involved too ?

time to chill out people. a few people on a forum saying its ok is not ELEKTRON saying its ok to release . I could say its fine , i have no problems either , I’m not even on the test list , I have no clue.


and none of the above even gets near to the stress of having to release it on a specific day across the world , millions spent on marketing purely for that release window.
working weekends, 24 hours , missing family events , health issues , impact on friends …

i’m sure the team know the importance of this , they’ve gone through the difficult decision of delaying it and the endless anger and hatred people are expressing on this thread…

have a bit of empathy people… i’m sure you all may have worked on something that mightve been late , even turning up the a meeting 10 minutes late ? … your daughters birthday ? , graduation , … then add all the bullshit written about it on forums like this… do you think thats fun to read ?


So you’re saying you asked Elektron if they were keeping Mojave into consideration and they said no? I find that hard to believe…


Well no answer from Elektron make’s me conclude Elektron is not interested in macOS Mojave 10.14 at this stage or no priority for the closed beta of Overbridge 2.0…


The real question is: how long until OPEN Beta?

And give the open beta users access to a sub-forum specifically for complaints, and nobody at Elektron has to actually check it :slight_smile: They already know the bugs, but then everyone will shut up and see it’s actually happening and what features we can expect, no?


did you consider theyre on holiday at the moment and comms is quite slow ?
or that they already have enough people for mac .

so many ways to interpret ‘no answer’ …

and to assume ‘they already know the bugs’ is a bit weird considering its in beta , otherwise they wouldn’t need to do it.

i’m going to block this thread , might be back in a few weeks.


Could be good, could also backfire large.

Ive always felt the company making a product needs to do what they have to do, to feel proud about what they want to release to the public.

Their name is on the product…the choice is theres.
Our choice is wait or move on.
Based on my past experience with this company…i choose to wait.


Considering the monumental delay, everyone should at least have a choice of whether they want to play with the beta or not, not just a select few.


I did not sign up for the closed beta because macOS Mojave 10.14 was not listed in the sign up form. So I asked the day (2018-07-06) when Elektron came up with the closed beta news.

Any other Elektronauts that are beta testing macOS Mojave 10.14? And did you sign up on the closed beta of Overbridge 2.0 and got accepted by Elektron?


That it works fine for a couple of people with a couple of setups doesn’t mean a lot in software development.
So, basically, no, QA is not finished yet.


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Yeah, you are right - later commenters indicated that the current version has glitches and distortion in the audio stream which is a serious issue. Unfortunately this means it won’t probably ever work reliably as they have had plenty of time to do the ”QA” at this point.


Why the rush to go to an OS that isn’t available to the public yet? Apple is notoriously hard to future-proof software against. I could see the complaint if Overbridge were made by Apple, but aside from that there’s no point. Third party guys always have to play patch-and-catch-up. If there are big changes in Mojave, I wouldn’t expect Overbridge compatibility until the beginning of 2019 earliest. That’s just the way it is.


It certainly looks like macOS Mojave 10.14 will come out sooner than Overbridge 2.0.

Elektron could at least tell to wait with updating the macOS to Mojave 10.14.