Standalone Maschine+

You won’t be able to affect midi macros without the computer. Next update will feature autosampling, it will be a pain without a computer. You won’t have access to customize patches on fm8, kontakt, reaktor, massive without a computer ( if you do not already own them ) You won’t be able to get factory content, expansions…They are all tied to user account.
This is a really risky bet ! Ni are not reputed for having a flexible policy regarding licenses. Trust me on this, I owned a maschine mk2, a s61, and crossgrades made me go from ultimate to standard when I sold the mk2 because licences are tied to the hardware which have unlocked them. Maschine + is a beast on its own but certain tasks are just 10 times faster when tied to a computer.
Make the tedious stuffs plugged then unplug and fly free !

Thanks. I appreciate all the info. I’ll pass on this for now.

I think m+ is different scenario to the MK3. Mk3 is just a controller, nothing more. With the m+, if someone else registers the device with NI, the previous account will be deactivated.

That would be very unlikely without original account making an explicit request to release the licence for obvious reasons…


I set an account up a couple of years ago to demo massive and fm8. Last year I bought a m+ thinking how good it would be have those in a standalone groovebox. I sent it back after a couple of weeks later really disappointed. Several months later I logged back to my account and the software connect to the m+ had be deleted. When you think about it how else could it work? It’s a standalone device.

You “sent it back”, hence the answer to the why…

If I put my maschine plus on sale, who’s gonna inform NI to release my licence but me ?
If my maschine get stolen ? Connect to internet and be the new legal owner ?

Sorry but that’s not how it works.

Maschine hardware has a serial number which is tied to serials bundled with it fm8, reaktor etc…
Those serials are not standalone serials they are bundle serials.
NI has standalone serials, bundle serials, upgrade serials, crossgrade serial depending on which you have, when you release the master product, they’re gone with it.

Ex : When I sold my maschine mk2 I have been forced to sell my komplete ultimate crossgrade with it despite having a S61 which was perfectly compatible, just because it was forever tied to the maschine hardware which opened the crossgrade offer in the first place.
Be assured that NI heard how happy I was !
In the end, I had to buy a new komplete crossgrade to get komplete and If I wanted to go ultimate I would have need a new upgrade…
If I ever sell my old s61, I’ll lose my komplete 9 crossgrade from komplete essential s61 bundle, which will kill my komplete 13 upgrade from K9…

Or rob a poor guy who will get an old expensive NI keyboard without any software to go with it…

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It seems that if you manage to prove that you legally just bought it second hand, you’ll be able with a bit or more of support talk to get your licence back !

If the guy who sold it softwareless has made any crossgrade, then upgrade, and eventually profit from offers related to products acquired because of original ownership ( ie:not standalone licence ), and you manage to get back the licence, he’s gonna have a really bad surprise…

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Used the M+ for a few hours today with no issues at all. Let’s hope these stability improvements are legit.

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Would someone who’s managed to get a User Reaktor ensemble working on M+ be willing to share it with me (and let me know exactly where they put it on the SD card)? Want to test if it works for me too. I keep getting a “Reaktor could not be loaded” error with the ones I’ve tried. As far as I know I’ve optimised them correctly and put them in the right place. The presets work fine in the Maschine software and show up on the M+ but don’t load. I own the full version of Reaktor 6. Trying to figure out if I’m doing somethong wrong or if there’s some kind of licensing issue. I’m on the latest M+ OS and latest Maschine and Reaktor software versions.

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How to Optimize your REAKTOR Ensembles for MASCHINE 2 – Native Instruments (

This way i got some but not all ensembles to work in “standalone”.
If you made all preperation work ,as mentioned on the NI site, for the ensembles to work with Maschine (Software), place the file under “User Content” on your SD-Card… see above

Some ensembles do not need any preperation at all, sometimes they would not work after i “prept” them, but do “out-of-the-box”. Try and error :slight_smile:

Carbon - Yes
Steam Pipe 2 - Yes
Subharmonic - Yes
Banaan Electrique - Yes
Space Master 2 - Yes

Those work “out-of-box” no setup needed. Just copy the Reaktor Factory Content to your “User Content” on M+ .


Thank you @AriHaf

I have tried all those steps in the article, even using the exact RE-201 ensemble they use as an example, and I still get the same error.

I will try the ensembles you suggested as a next step.

You’re welcome,

But I’ll take a closer look at it later, I believe that something has changed here in the meantime, at least with regard to some errors with the licensing. That was the main problem with some ensembles.

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None of these ensembles work for me. I copied them to the Native Instruments\User Content\Reaktor folder on the SD card, and I’ve rescanned the library several times. Their presets should show up under User presets in the M+ browser right?

Edit: I posted the above message at the exact same time as you posted. Would love to hear back from you after you’ve had a chance to have a look.

I’m wondering if it’s my error somehow or if I should contact support and see if there’s an issue with my Reaktor license (I have Komplete 13 Ultimate SE so there shouldn’t be a problem).

While you’re at it, you could try this ensemble. A nice user on GS posted this as a “proof of concept”

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You won’t be able to port ensemble using reakor 6 unfortunately…That is one of the most common mistake…

Edit them in reakor 5, you’ll have almost no problem.

Try this one :

then this one

Made all the ports myself, they should load and play perfectly, just put them in sd/native/user content/reaktor

You’ll find them in the browser.
Check user !
Instruments/all categories/reaktor/they should appear as bank here
presets on the right screen.

Only ensemble I did not manage to port is sparks, it appears in it’s own category in the browser, have its nice picture ( I thought : awesome ! ), loads presets…But no sound…

If you load a reaktor 5 ensemble in standalone and then open on the computer, it’ll load in R6…If you save it from there, it won’t load in M+ anymore…

NI consistency ! :smiley:

Do not forget to mirror your sd content with the one in documents/native instruments/
When you are in software, copy all content ( samples, edits in standalone synths etc…)there and then load from there in maschine2.
Best way to have the least possible problem when switching between controller and standalone mode.

Let us know ! Despite some stupidly convoluted way of porting R ensembles, having reaktor in a dedicated controller is a blessing to me !


I dont think I have reaktor 5… In my case I can load some ensembles when I am using reaktor as a instrument but no chance with reaktor as a FX…

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Try your luck here ?


Ha, funny that you say that, I mentioned that in the NI forum and I think I wrote that here in the thread, but was then repeatedly pointed out that it should also work with Reaktor 6. Which it doesn’t do for me and (most) others. Unfortunately, there are also problems with Reaktor 5 ensembles from time to time. Try and error. Now I also remember why I didn’t pursue it any further :crazy_face:

Like back then

It’s not there, but should it be? I mean, if you buy a reaktor 6 license should you get also a reaktor 5 license?

Maybe try this
Uija (he is also a member here) had some luck with Reaktor 6

"Okay, I bought Reaktor 6, built my own little synth that is working great in Maschine2, but I am unable to get the .ens file to M+ so it is found

you have to have a preset in that that Ensemble and that needs to have that Meta Infos. after I found out about that, added a preset to my synth and retried it, it worked!"

Announcing: Maschine+ | Page 35 | NI Community Forum (

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