Standalone Maschine+

i thought custom reaktor ensembles on M+ were not officially supported by NI?

if so it would be no surprise many didn’t work or had inconsistent behavior

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I dunno, this is just the page for legacy reaktor…I have r5 here with my account logged in.

Regarding R6 every single ensemble I saved with it gave me an error loading in m+. If I use R5, no problem…Maybe there’s more ? I honestly dunno.

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I am using ensembles saved with Reaktor 6 on my M+ with no issues. I have a set of steps to follow but I’m not in the studio atm. I will try to respond with more details this evening.


Well this is embarrassing - while following my own steps to try and get Banaan Electrique on the M+, I failed. I can see the ensemble but no sound.
I am including my procedure anyway in case it helps someone. I have used this to successfully import dozens of instruments and FX including all of the boscomac stuff. That was a couple of weeks ago and maybe I am missing some important step but I don’t think so. I think BE is unique somehow.
Anyway, I am a Reaktor noob and I’m not even sure what most of these steps do. This is just based on steps posted on the NI forum and my own trial and error:

Launch Maschine standalone software on your computer
Add a sound and select Reaktor 6
Open desired instrument/effect ensemble
Click Edit
Right-click empty area outside panel and select Ensemble properties
Change Bank (this depends on how you want to organize your effects/instruments. As an example I put “boscomac” here for all the boscomac stuff)
Change Sub Bank (as above and as an example: I put Bit Torsion for boscomac Bit Torsion)
Click on the main module name (between ins and outs)
Click Properties -> Connect -> ID Actions -> Sort & Compress IDs until Base ID = 0
Click Function -> Snapshots -> Select Master -> (select 2nd option if more than one)
Click Preset Browser
From the first drop-down under preset browser, select the 2nd item (if there are 2 items - not the one starting with Ens)
Click Embedded
Select all snapshots in list, right-click and first select Show Meta Info and then NI Meta Info -> Instrument or FX as appropriate
On M+: Settings -> System -> Storage
From Reaktor File Menu -> Save As then browse to
Maschine+ -(mounted drive) > Native Instruments -> User Content -> Reaktor -> (sub folder if desired - I use a sub-folder for each author).
Eject Maschine+ on computer, then Disconnect on M+

You should now see your ensemble when you brows with “User” selected under wither Effects or Instruments


Thanks for sharing the steps you use, appreciate it. It is good to hear that you’ve been able to get effects working using your system with Reaktor 6 - that’s what I’m most interested in. It looks like the same process that I’ve been doing but I’ll try it again in case there is a small difference that I’m missing.

Do you (or anyone else) happen to have an effect that works on M+ that contains a fat juicy ladder style low pass filter? I’m trying to find a filter that sounds better than the basic Maschine filter included in the sampler. I wish the Maschine sampler had the filter from Monark, which sounds pretty good, looking for something a bit like that.

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There is a Monark Filter Monark Filter Stereo | Entry | Reaktor User Library
(just found it, i dont know more about it)

Im about to buy a Maschine+ today and also looking forward to get a few fx ensembles working.

Maybe we can share working ensemble exports here or in another thread?


Mmmhh that’s an ism, not useable directly in m+.

Im not full into this, but i think you can just save an .ism as ensemble.
Have to figure it out.

Thanks, I will check it out, looks perfect.

I had a crack at this (connecting ins and outs etc.) but couldn’t get it to appear in M+. I know that Reaktor Blocks are not supported . Maybe this could be further deconstructed and reassembled as an ensemble?

Maybe this moogstyle Filter could work? Not a Block :wink: Oogerfooger OF-101 | Entry | Reaktor User Library

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I have a few user ensembles working. The ones from the factory, subharmonicon, etc but I did nothing to them - no “preparation” in any reaktor. For now, the only thing I would really like to have would be some crazy FX from reaktor but didn’t manage. But no big problem, the M+ has a ton of stuff to play with

What’s this subharmonicon ensemble you speak of? I had downloaded a DFAM ensemble some time ago but can no longer find it.

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I also would like to know

I think that is the name. :grin: I’ll try to find it today and get back to you guys on this

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Yeah, subharmonic. Haven’t tried it yet but I am guessing that it is a similar concept than the one found in the subharmonic?

I just grabed the .ens from the factory library of reaktor and dumped it on the m+ ( not sure where exactly but can check if anyone is interested) and It works on the M+


My new M+ is here and i got this nice “Decapitator like” Reaktor User Ensemble to work (tooked my a few trys to get it right, with the Knobs at first Bank…): Guillotine 2 | Entry | Reaktor User Library

Maschine+ Ensemble here:

Maybe we can share Maschine+ ready edited Ensembles here :slight_smile:


Man I would love the VHS Degradation Suite, Monark and Massive standalone.


Strange … I couldn’t get your Guillotine2 ensemble to make any sound. I did however get VHS Degradation Suite to work using my steps above which made me very happy :slight_smile: Now I need to figure out how to remove all the images because at 80+Mb it takes a few seconds to load!

Monark and Massive (not X) are part of M+ .

“It includes heavy-hitters like MASSIVE, FM8, MONARK, PRISM, the MASCHINE Factory Selection, RAUM, and PHASIS”