Spring Reverbs

Anything out there in hardware form that would give the AKG BX20 -style spring sound? Loving the UAD plugin version. It sounds something like a hybrid between a plate reverb and a typical spring reverb, wraps the source nicely but still doesn’t go as SPROINK as a spring.

I wouldn’t go for the Vermona Lancet if it is purely a spring verb you’re looking for. It’s a decent one, but the springs are short and you can’t exact a great deal of control over it. However in other ways (filter, envelope follower, LFO etc) the Lancet is an incredible little unit. You need to feed it strong, dynamic percussive sounds to get the best out of it. I always have one out of my MD feeding out to it and back in again. Bit of crossover with the Heat now, but it’s nice and hand on, a twiddler’s delight.

I see Knas Ekdahl mentioned, but I would not recommend it if you are looking just for a reverb. I got one, and
sold it. It has a cool filter and overall it is a nice complement to modular, but as a stand alone reverb it’s so so. Also, it is not “gig friendly” because of exposed strings. They are vibrating and may produce low freq hum. So, be aware!
I guess, for that money there are better spring reverbs out there. I’m happy with Octatrack spring reverb :slight_smile: I’m running synths through (thru) it.

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I’m going to bring this thread back from the dead :). I am also looking for a reasonably affordable spring reverb to use with my synths. I have found:

-Ekdhal Moisturizer
-Vermona Retroverb Lancet
-Vermona VSR 3.2
-Finegear Dust Collector

Any recommendations or anything I am overlooking?

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I sold the Ekdahl for the same reason as mentioned in the post above. to have the filter is very nice of course but
to be honest I didn´t like the filter that much. it´s very dirty
and noisy.
Also keep in mind when touching the springs a lot you
propably have to replace the strings sooner or later.
I had two sets of springs, one for abuse and one for “hifi”.

I didn´t buy a new spring reverb so far, but I´ll propably
go for the vermona VSR. It´s as simple as it gets and I
like the rack format.

there´s also the company “surfy Industries”
maybe you want to check their “surfybears”.

Been using a 1980’s ‘Great British Spring’ for many years. Nice long stereo spring, housed in a drainpipe! Love the sound, quite dark. It’s a bit prone to picking up hum and buzz from power supplies, but would def recommend if you can find one cheap (seen them go for around £2-300).


Also, on a budget, I have found the bundled Ableton/max convolution reverb, using the ‘lush stereo spring’ impulse setting, really decent!

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I found the Ekdahl works a lot better as an aux return on a mixer, when sending a synth directly into it I always found it had a narrow sweet spot, don’t ask me why but using it as a return sounds so much better.


I use an accutronics spring tank as a dubby reverb. It costs about 30 bucks and you don’t need a preamp when you have a mixer with enough gain. You can hear it in the video:


I had mine on an aux too, but routed it back to a channel for feedbacks. super nice in combination with the resonant filter.
so you can dial in musical notes

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I have one. Strictly for studio/home use. With a band, the pickups for the springs pick up sounds from the drummer, the guitarist, etc.

I love the filter but it is admittedly on the aggressive side.

Sounds fine with guitar, but introduces overtones that I don’t like with electric violin.

My favorite all around spring reverb is the one built into my QES Roadtripper MCM guitar amp - sounds great with electric violin, all my guitars, synths, etc. It does however impose a guitar amp sound on everything - even when the line out is used, there’s speaker simulation circuitry.

Damn, that seems like the way to go, even if you end up needing to get a cheap preamp to drive it.

I use the Moog Grandmother for it’s spring reverb alone from time to time. I routed an aux out from my mixer to the audio input, so when I don’t use it as a synth I just put it in drone mode and open it’s channel to send stuff throught the reverb (and filter hehehe)

If you want something inexpensive (but good) there is lots of information online on DIY spring reverbs.

But if not, on the high end, Gamechanger Audio, who also make the Motor Synth, is just about to start selling their Light Pedal. It costs $300, i think. They have changed the design of the spring reverb to improve the harmonic response. I posted about it before in the NAMM 2020 thread.

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Yes, this thing sounds very good although it is a bit noisy without preamp. I was never happy with most spring emulations in reverb pedals. I route my spring tank back to a line input for additional eq.

You would never buy it for just the spring reverb, but I have found on the Syntrx that the spring reverb in conjunction with audio routing, feedback and reverb mix modulation, it really is a great on the master bus. You can still send your signals through dry at the same time in stereo or effect them in other ways with the Syntrx. Expensive but great.

This one seems like it could be a great option for a lot of people, if they are after some extras also.


If you include the Dust Collector (there’s a thread for it too) then for completeness let’s also add the Dreadbox Hypnosis.

Hypnosis Thread

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I just picked up The Dust Collector and I’m using the spring reverb a lot with my synths. It does the trick for me. I prefer very mild spring reverb settings and combining a small amount of this mixed with the right setting of the tone knob makes it really easy to dial in. It can also do extreme settings. I haven’t really found much use for scraping the springs and whatnot. As an added bonus the phaser on the Dust Collector sounds extraordinary on synths. I’m running the Prophet 5 Rev4 through it and it sounds really superb. Honestly, every effect on this thing is pretty usable. The delay is dirty as hell though (in a good way IMO).


Also interesting: Benidub Spring Amp

a bit pricey and comes without tank, but seems to be pretty good/flexible

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