Dreadbox Hypnosis

New FX box with rad 80s paint job



So it looks both analog and digital (likely). If it’s digital that’s new for Dreadbox (by themselves).


Someone sent me this clip earlier. I’m on the road and my earbuds are messed up, so all I heard was a very basic arp. Certainly looks ‘interesting’ and am always interested in what Dreadbox are up to.
EDIT! Just saw it :slight_smile:

Instant win purely for the paint job alone.


49 Memorys 7 banks of 7.
Wonder if the pink area to the left is a display, i’m guessing yes.
Looks well layed out and straight forward, despite it’s ‘space age’ styling.

Fresh Prince or what!
Saved by the Bell even :joy:


Isn’t that pink area the reverb tank?

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There’s a Freeze Button!!! Cool.

Bottom row with green around it.


So the delay is analog Bucket Brigade Delay (BBD), so that’s not digital. Maybe the Chorus Flanger isn’t digital either.

You could do freeze with the Bucket Brigade, so i will change what i said earlier about this being a combination analog and digital device, this could be purely analog.

That’s pretty cool if it is. Looks like Dreadbox had a lot of fun doing this, as per usual for them – fun for them to make means fun to use for us.


it clearly says “stereo digital delay” though. and “analog spring reverb” (which I think rotallytuined is right, the pink “display” is actually a window to the spring; which is… friggin’ RAD!). so that only leaves the question of whether chorus-flanger is analog or digital.

regardless, I am stoked on this thing. effects I love by a company who makes awesome stuff, styled like a skateboard I had in the 80’s… what more could I ask for?


There is discussion in general whether Bucket Brigade is analog or not. It gets called digital but it can be considered technically an analog effect. Reference: Wikipedia on Bucket Brigade Device.

Perhaps what this is, is an digital simulation of an analog bucket brigade device. None of this really matters.

eh, fair enough. I moreso meant that if their marketing calls one effect analog and the other digital, it’s fair to assume it’s digital. we’ll have to wait until more details emerge though.

honestly I don’t care either way, if it sounds good. although an all analog delay line would drive up the price.

CDM says the delay in the Hypnosis is bucket brigade.

I thought the delay was digital? You’d need quite a few BBD chips for long delay lines… The chorus/flanger stuff can be obtained with just one BBD chip, so guessing thats what they’ve done here.

It probably is digital.

Youtube description sez

Time Effects Processor with 3 Independent Effects :
Analog Spring Reverb with a 3-Spring Tank and a Unique Pitch Modulation Circuit
Stereo Analog BBD Chorus-Flanger with 3 LFO Waves
Stereo Digital Delay with 3 Delay Types and Freeze Function
Variable Input and Output Gain Controls (from MIC to Eurorack Levels)
Saves up to 49 Presets

Looks pretty straightforward, and non-confusing to me.

The BBD is for the chorus-flanger, which perhaps some may recall is a type of effect created in the analog domain with very very short delay times.

The digital delay is a separate effect.

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So i see the freeze button being used at :24 seconds into the video, together with the Delay control.

The youtube description also says Available Summer 2019.

this description is slightly different than the youtube screen capture above (2nd post; doesn’t say analog or BBD for the chorus-flanger). which is what I was going off of. makes sense now.

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The BBD on my prophet 6 is digital. It’s pretty good. People digital is not bad. Play with a novation peak and see for yourselves

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