Spring Reverbs

I’m interested in getting spring reverb to be used with synth and was wondering if anyone had any reasonably prices recommendations?

I was thinking of getting the Van Amps sole mate, or sole mate jnr as they seem reasonably priced but I’ve not been able to see any demos of it with synth, are these things compatible with synths or is there any problems i may encounter (synth input too hot?)

The Vermona one I had was pretty ace. It fits in a rack etc. I picked up a Cosmic AE-7000 on ebay for around the same price second hand though and that’s a belter. Worth taking a look at what’s going second hand…

Speaking of spring reverbs, I’m getting a Vermona Retroverb Lancet at some point in the near future. It’s more of an analog filter where the reverb is just a nice bonus though. Heard some excellent demos of it!

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if you were in any way handy and ever thought about going odular - you can get a kit to build the music thing spring reverb… the circuit is tuned for synths!

you may run into problems with the van amps…i used one with guitar and even then it was noisey.

the vermona retroverb lancet looks excellent too and it has a small footprint.

of course there are always the roland re 201/301/501/sre 555, but they are all big bucks.

i think the evans echopet has a spring in it too…but out of all of them i would go for the music thing spring reverb


+1 for the Vermona - it’s not just a filter with a spring as a bonus - it’s more of a multi processor - you get spring reverb, filter and overdrive - each can be used in isolation or blended. Includes envelope follower, Lfo, EG for modulation - you get the picture. Versatile and great value.

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I’ve got a fender 65 deluxe reverb tank.

tubed mini amp dedicated to spring reverb.

Dick Dale’s weapon of choice for surf rock.

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Thanks. I’m now considering the Vermona retroverb lancet, or maybe just the Vermona spring reverb.

The VSR reverb sounds better than the Retroverb Lancet’s.

Ekdahl Moisturizer

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Thanks for the tips folks, after a bit of research I think the Ekdahl Moisturizer may be the one to go for, once it becomes available in the U.K. It definetely seems one of the most interesting.

Hi what kind of amp do hou jse please?

I have both the Vermona Retroverb Lancet and the Vermona DSR-3 - both are excellent. I’ve also had a Fostex 3180, which I found very nice (nice touch using BBD:s for pre-delay), vesta kozo rv-3, and a boss bx-100 (likeability in this order).

For most people the retroverb is the most versatile choice, but some lesser known reverbs like the d&r stereo reverb can be found for like 80 eur, which is nice.

Where did you find the d and r for that price?

Dutch second hand site, I think.

Using the Doepfer A-199 springverb here.

I got the Knas Ekdahl in the end, a bit pricey but it’s a lot of fun. Looking forward to getting some semi modular stuff to and making use of the CV ins on it.

I am going down a route of having dual Intellijel Springrays … madness! Wish me luck, friends!

This guy make effects well known in dub world but maybe not inthe rest of the world, apparently crazy good feedback on his soring amplifier!


I have really grown fond of spring reverbs this year. Currently using two Bugbrand Spring Tankers quite a lot. One thing I really like is to put an algorithmic reverb (e.g Valhalla Vintage Verb) after the spring to diffuse it a bit, and make it wider.

The Benidub box seems really nice! Tempted.

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this is my Love.