Sound packs: one-size-fits all may not exist, but what are some of your faves?

Looking for opinions/input…

I have a gift certificate for a sound pack. I’ve had a listen to what’s available at Elektron’s site. Lots of interesting options.

I know this might be about as helpful as “what flavour ice cream should I get?” Add to that the fact that you can pretty much transform any sample into whatever via the Octa, and it makes recommendations difficult and their usefulness somewhat questionable.

But still, I’m still curious about which sound packs you may have found most fun/useful.

For my part, I tend to produce techno, dubby and downtempo stuff and can generally find uses for lots of different kinds of samples/source material.

Then why not read the forum?


Hi Peter - I had a look at previous posts related to sound packs for the Octatrack. They were quite old, as far as I could tell. I based my decision to post my question based on that.

I didn’t have a look at posts for packs in general, however.

I appreciate that insight. More than I do the tone of your reply.


Your concern about previous posts being “too old” would make more sense to me if Elektron were updating the sound packs.

I’ve never heard of an Elektron sound pack being updated.

so whatever people said about these sound packs in the past still applies today - even my own post that Peter linked from 2013.

Sure, people’s views on sound packs they referenced years ago may well still stand today That makes sense.

That being said, I’m assuming two things. One, that there would have been sound packs added in the intervening years and, two, that those who became forum members since the older posts were written may have something to add.

This is why I posted.

And if no one has anything to add, this post will simply tumble down the list and that’ll be that.

Well, I still like the ones that I said that I liked.

The last pack I bought was West Coast for Octatrack. I was pissed when I realized there was no example Project shipped with the pack like the older ones that I bought. I plan to explore it in the near future, but until then I’m withholding judgement on it.

I think talk about the sound packs has slowed down here as other people have also discovered this stingy trend of not including example Projects, which is an important part of the learning process for Octatrack. Now when I see a new pack announced I just assume there’s no Project and don’t even bother to take a look.


That’s a great point regarding the inclusion, or lack of, projects from which to pick up some tips and inspiration. I didn’t even consider that.

So it seems that past packs functioned both as sound sources and quasi-tutorials. Shame that stopped.

Thanks for the insights.

I’m really hoping with the updates to transfer app that projects will start being included at least for digitakt/rytm!

…soundpax make sense for the tone…and for the a4…

for the ot…? sooo much…really…