Favourite Soundpacks 2021

Hi there

I’m a little over a lot of the sounds that I have and thought to get a few new soundpacks as a bit of inspiration…

I thought the good folk here might have a few recommendations?? (mainly thinking octatrack).


Personally I’ve really enjoyed:

  • Samples from Mars: All of their classic drum sample packs are excellent, and the bundled deals are often priced quite well for what you get. Some of their synth packs are very good as well, which I use to sample bass sounds (Arp Omni, for example).

  • The Kount: Has some great drum and sample packs – a bit geared towards hip hop production if that’s your thing. Pricey but very good.

Great - thanks a lot - those Kount ones are super…

For some different sounds, try Hainbach’s Isolation Loops: Isolation Loops (soundpack) | Hainbach

Good OT fodder I would have thought, I especially like the Tape Piano loops.

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If you like a lofi/tape feel, this one by Jogging House is awesome and I’ve used it more than any other sound pack ever:

Another one in the same vein is this one by Blankfor.ms


It gets mentioned a lot but the samples really are high quality.
The Octatrack MKII’s factory content includes some sample chains made by Samples From Mars. 909, 808, 606, the whole Roland lot, plus a few others like Modern Oddities and Found Sounds.
I can’t stress how good these sound, having been recorded through an API transformer.
They really make any sampler sing, as a drum machine.

Beyond that, allow me to recommend Si Begg’s various bandcamp available field recordings and circuit bent tools samples: https://sibegg.bandcamp.com
Great, unique stuff that is very malleable.

Also, the various Ultraloop loop packs, from Twisted Tools. You don’t need Ultraloop to use them, an OT or DT can mangle them up well enough. https://twistedtools.com/shop/