Your most basic and most used sample pack

Hi there, I am pretty new to the Elektron family as well as to dig deeper into music production.
I am freshly owning a Digitakt, which I really like.

The factory samples sound really nice and are super useful to create first grooves, but I was wondering if you can recommend sample packs, which give a very basic selection of additional sounds (drums, stabs, one shots, chords etc.)?
May be there are some, which you use nearly all the time?
My preffered genre is techno and house, but I am also curious to look into other genres and according sample packs.

(sorry, if a topic like this exists already, I wasn’t able to find it :frowning:)


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Probably for me it’s Wave Alchemy drum libs especially Tape Drum serries (check their web site and decide which lib you like better ). I guess some older libs available for free download.

But you can easily make your own libs, it’s a sampler after all, so just connect your iPhone/iPad to DT and sample anything you like!

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does a chopped up amen break count as a pack? :slight_smile:


I love early 90’s breakbeat hardcore and jungle so the Blu Marten free jungle jungle sample pack is one that particularly gets used in my samplers .

Alongside the legendary Future Music 1 free cd sample pack and a few others of that era.

I often find I need a bit of time to get to love a sample pack. Often starts out a bit meh but just jamming some samples either in Ableton or in my DJS1000 I can find stuff that fits then off we go!


I have some of those original CD’s in my icloud. Xstatic Goldmine etc, might try them on the new DT later.

Wave Alchemy is pretty good. Goldbaby as well.


Goldbaby ‘Vintage Home Keyboard Breaks’

Don’t use any ‘breaks’ from it though, just one shots

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Samples From Mars 808 and 909 packs are the starting point for 90% of my tracks. I also have a pack of percussion sounds that I made using a Xaoc Odessa which I use in every track.


There’s many packs I use, sometimes I like digging around free packs. But if it’s to get started with a good bunch of quality and useable samples, I can really recommend the following pack. It also makes use of Digitakt’s “Sounds” function, so it’s not just samples but they’re pre-tweaked, there’s single cycle waves pre-organised into nice synth stabs and basses, and they’re labeled into categories/instrument types. Check if it’s the sound you’re looking for, but the quality and value is great.


Damn i forgot to buy their whole set when on sale

Yeah I got all the drums for about £50 I think.

Kinda boring, but I guess my most frequently used sample pack is the one I got when I googled “free 909 samples” that one time.


Someone somewhere on here once posted a free Tanzbar v1 sample pack. I use it a lot.


I selected hits from these same packs to put in my model:samples and my TR-8S desire was quickly extinguished. :slight_smile:

Voyetra, Wasp, and OB are also inside for synth work / variety.


Wow, thanks for the many answers. That gives me some ground to dig through.

Samples From Mars has a kind of “no bullshit no time lost” pack which provides smaller kits from all their packs. Awesome when you don’t want to spend one hour deciding which 808 kick you wanna use + lots of bread’n’butter sounds.


that jungle jungle pack is huge. lots of good stuff in there for free. recently, i was looking for decent 909 samples for free or low $$, but then i realized i have a perfectly working mc-303 with all those sounds already. will probably just sample those banks and be done with it.

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Plus, if you enjoy the digging part of collecting samples, you can download free sample/taster selections from all Elektron packs for OT/DT/M:S. A bit laborious, but I sometimes enjoy that. The total of all of them amounts to quite a few samples. They’ll vary greatly in style and use, but will all be of great audio quality.


First soundpack I ever bought. Did not dissapoint!


Use this a lot lately


I just added some samples I created if you’d like to download them (free). I’d highly encourage you to design your own sounds on the DT. It is easy and highly addictive. Cheers.