So, I want a dedicated bass synth

Right now the Deluge is on bass duty, but I would like to offload bass to a knob-per-function unit for more jam friendliness, and having it on its own mixer channel as a bonus. Also, the filter resonance on the Deluge cuts bass, which isn’t great.

I have no shops nearby for trying out gear, so I unfortunately have to rely on reviews, youtube-demos and, more importantly, you fine people for input on what to buy.

My needs are simple. I don’t need a built-in sequencer, nor presets. I don’t need any complex sound design options either, the simpler the better. I need something that can do deep, tight and clean bass. «Deep house»-ish bass with weight and firmness in the sub-region. I don’t do acid (soundwize).

I am considering the Erica Synths DB-01, but the demos I find mostly showcase acid/dirt/crazy. Also, there has been some mentions of gate-time being constant, but I’m not sure what that implies. Will it respect different note lengths sequenced externally over midi?

Other options might be JU-06A / SH-01A or Vermona Mono Lancet, never tried either of those. Minitaur might work, but I’ve had it before and didn’t like all the «secret knobs combos» needed for many settings. Monologue is out, it lacked weight and tightness in the sub freqs to my ears.

So, any insights or suggestions? Price range is around the mentioned gear.

In advance, thank you.

EDIT: Oh, and it need to be a compact desktop unit.

Sounds ideal to me. Why pay more?


Maybe worth a listen to the Dreadbox Hades ?

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SH01a is the one.

If you want a little more, Dreadbox Typhon.


Moog Minitaur?


…Or Berhinger MS-01 if you have space

The DB-01 responds to MIDI note on, note off, and clock. If you crank the VCA open, you can play notes of whatever length you want. Otherwise the envelope covers a single step. It’s not as limited as the demos make it sound, but it is a particular voice. The sub is quite nice.

I’d go this route if you didn’t like the Minitaur, want knob-per function, and a compact desktop unit. I use my Perfourmer for bass all the time and it’s excellent at it (and Lancet is basically the same as one Perfourmer voice).

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Novation Bass Station2?


I’d also check out the Pittsburgh Modular SV-1b. It has some of the most girthy tones I’ve heard. I know it’s a bit pricier than what’s been recommended but with semi-modular capabilities it does offer quite a bit.


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Yo… Just throw some Jaco and some Bootsy samples in the Digitakt and call it a day. Dave Blood from The Dead Milkmen could be added as well. Boom I just saved you some cash…


I love the Mono Lancet for bass duties. It keeps more low end frequencies when adding resonance than the Minitaur. It’s great for classic lead sounds as well.


Lot of great suggestions here, thank you all!

Sounds like I need to look closer at the Mono Lancet, SH-01A and maybe Hades.

And I’ll check the other thread that came up as well. :slight_smile:

Fender P-Bass! :joy:

+1 for Minitaur


Dreadbox Typhon

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DSI Mopho

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+1 for Typhon

I use a Minitaur too, which is (to me) probably a bit fatter and warmer overall. But the resonance sapping the low end is not always ideal.

Typhon stays strong with high resonance! Built in distortion fx don’t hurt either…


I have my bass guitar sampled into a DT and it gets used all the time.

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I find this very useful to make it sit well in the mix (just a little clockwise).