So, I want a dedicated bass synth

I’m totally with you. It can be perfect in lots of instances.
I love it too for tenor-ish lead duties.

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Geez, can O’ worms topic for sure, chuckle. Um… I really enjoy the use of bass, however the filter does cut bass as well in the Moog Sub Phatty. But I use it, love it, you know, wasn’t convinced about Moog from demo’s, could pull most of what I heard at least relatively close to what I thought of as impressive bass, but then heard the thing in person and was like, well now I know what all the fuss is about. So, I don’t know what you need with what you say, but this does aZid, just drop the filter to 6db and crank the mixers into overdrive and then go ahead and throw in the multidrive for added roar. Or of course you go classic 24db and bass all day on whatever your cranking accept yes when you drive the resonance.

Shruthi is really nice sounding and very affordable. Not quite knob per function though. I love mine for bass duties


I’ve had a bunch of small desktop and short keyboard monosynths both analog and digital.

Bang for buck is no doubt the Bass Station 2. It’s mostly knob per function and super versatile.

I’ve had a Mopho and a Minitaur. The BS2 sits somewhere in the middle in terms of complexity. As always sound is subjective.


I can highly recommend the Vermona Mono Lancet. Great, versatile sound, powerful bass when you want it, very straightforward operation and built like a tank.


Pittsburgh Modular SV1-b

It is super versatile, semi modular and you can do amazing patching on it.

If you want to move to euro rack one day you can remove the panel, plug a euro rack cable and you are ready for Euro rack.

And it is analogue!

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There are some bizarre suggestions in here. The OP said they want knob per function. Also, no sequencer or presets needed / not too complex / must be compact / resonance shouldn’t equal a low dropoff.

Well then… may I suggest the Studio Electronics Boomstars. If you’re doing deep house etc, I’d go for the SEM model which is smooth, weighty and glorious. Ticks all the boxes for the OP.


Downside is they are quite spendy.

maybe not only for bass but it still seems very cool to me

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Yeah, but second hand they’re really good value. I got my Boomstar SEM mk2 for £600ish. And sometimes ticking all the boxes means stretching a bit on budget :man_shrugging:t3:


I’ve been using and loving a Moog Minitaur for several years now.


Won’t go down well around here but…

Behringer Model D, Cat, Pro One will all cover what you want with aplomb.

Otherwise Typhon if you don’t mind the interface, likewise the Toraiz AS1 is worth considering.

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Toraiz As-1 – that famously knob-per-function synth :man_facepalming:t3:

Granted, some Behringers would work… But the OP has already said how they don’t like filter resonance cutting the bass, so Moog-based synths / filters are unlikely to be their ideal choice. I guess Pro 1 would be best from that list.

I think the key phrase was “worth considering”.

I don’t own one and haven’t tried one, but I’m curious why the minibrute 2s doesn’t get much attention around here. Anyone have any experience with one?

Seems to be an interesting option if one doesn’t need presets.

Got one, had it since they came out. I used it quite a bit when I first got it and loved it. The Steiner filter is a bit of an acquired taste so maybe that turns some people off. It’s got some gems up it’s sleeve tho; the Metallizer is cool and gives some ace pseudo FM sounds. The Keyboard version, if it’s built like the 2S, should be a solid instrument too.

I think the 2S comes into its own when you use the patch bay with another semi modular (or modular)

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Having one myself … it’s only showcase of people doing acid/dirt. If we don’t set it up this way, we get a very deep and strong bass sound. Since the DB-01 has a filter, which is inspired by the Russian Polivoks its sound is special, a little more rough compared to the typical Moog bass. I love it.

For the typical Moog sound I got the Minitaur. Sometimes I use it as an additional sub-bass in combination witn another bass synth voice.

For crunchy bass sounds I use wavetable synths or FM.

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Just ordered one so I hope to be able to give an opinion soon
Not sure when it arrives though

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Doepfer Dark Energy.


The Neptune 2 from Spectral Audio is a great bass synth.

I consider selling mine every now and then, but then I play it and think twice about it.

It responds to velocity and has tempo synced LFO, plus other things, like CV/Gate and MIDI.