Slicing samples using midi?

Yah, you can actually do the same with Overbridge and Ableton Simpler, it‘s fun, but it would be even more fun to do it on the DT :blush:

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FWIW, I’ve tried sending the midi commands via Pure Data. If I send the [noteout] on the same clock pulse as the cc20; first, the note out plays at the previous start point and, second, the start point changes.

For example, if the previous start point was 20 and I send a [noteout] and a cc20 for a new start point of 30, the note first plays at start point 20 and then changes to start point 30. The next [noteout] plays at start point 30. The DT must be programmed to interpret the midi commands this way.

Sending the cc20 50-100ms before the [noteout] plays the note at the new start point.


Yeah, grit, who did the Chuck DUY for the rk002 cable, also got to that conclusion… Sadly, that makes the DUY useless for the DT.

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YO GUYZ, I think I made a small breakthrough on this, the release note for the newly released firmware update was mentioning that now we were able to control the VAL setting of the MIDI track Filter pages from external gear. I had this idea a while back but I couldn’t get this feature to work so gave up. I just tried it again with the new update and it works almost as expected! Anyway here is the idea :

If you’ve been following this thread, you might remember that the issue with “slicing sample with the MIDI loopback” was that the Digitakt will only send a CC message if its value is changing. So if you set several MIDI track with different CC values to get different Start Point from your audio track, it won’t work, the Digitakt won’t send the data at each trigs (but only when you start tweaking the CC values manually).

My idea was to get a LFO from another MIDI track to rapidly change the CC value to force the Digitakt to send the value again, and it works! For example, when I hit the MIDI A trig key, it triggers a very quick LFO that will make the CC value from the MIDI B change, the value is sent and received thanks to the MIDI loopback and ultimately changes the Start Point setting of my audio track. You can repeat this process up to 4 times to get 4 different slices from only 1 audio track! That’s not a lot but you could imagine using 2 audio tracks to get 8 slices, etc…

THERE IS A MAJOR PROBLEM THO, aha, the Start Point will only change if you press the key twice. The thing is, the note data is being sent before the LFO start moving (even with the Speed set to max) so when the audio track gets triggered, the Start Point is still on the last value… This is a normal behaviour, @Electromatic mentioned it a few post above… At the moment I don’t know how to avoid this but hey, I felt like this was some really good progress and worth sharing! Maybe someone will have an idea to make this work. :slight_smile:


Wow awesome you figured this out! I will try later tonight!

I havent read the whole thread but I want to keep my thoughts to you.
Within Ableton you are able to trigger clips in the session mode via midi keyboard.
So make one note legato clips with automation data of the start point. And then voila you might be able to trigger multi sliced stuff. You have to trigger the root note in every clip.

I sold my digitakt so I couldnt try to get this working. But maybe it is working for you?

Hello, I’m interested in this feature. I bought RK002 cable and I will try to work on it too. the CC setting after Note is very bad. Maybe some latency is acceptable to make things work.

Hmm does not work for me, could you explain the thing with the extra LFO?

Well I had a LFO on one MIDI track that was quickly changing the CC value of another track. I remember using the Triangle LFO in Half Mode, not sure about the Depth though, but it was just enough so that the CC value would go 1 step up and then back down.

What result do you get?