Slicing samples using midi?

It should be achievable with a simple Arduino project or some MIDI programmable device, but it seems like it won’t be possible inside the DT…

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Check the Chuck Firmware for RK 002. It does the same thing but for volca! He takes one sample and slices it up by setting different starting points on different notes. Watch the Video, its awesome. If someone of you guys can code, we could finally slice, almost like on the octatrack hehe


I initially made the “Chuck DUY” for the Digitakt because I thought it would be very handy to make a long sample with different drum hits and be able to play them from a MIDI track, freeing up a lot of other channels for different sounds on the DT.

However… the response on the sample start CC is very slow, I also contacted Elektron and it seems the DT does some interpolation on this new value so the first hit is not accurate. I still hope they’ll fix it somehow. If they do, I could continue work on the the “Chuck DT” :slight_smile:


Grit, thank you very much for your work! I hope we‘ll see a fix for that matter :blush: for now i think, they are doing some great work on Overbridge, since i‘m beta testing it

You also did the volca sample version? I don’t have the cable but man, you’re a genius!

It’s good to hear we’re all trying to achieve the same thing, but it’s even more frustrating it seems like were coming up just short of finding a solution for this. Simply being able to slice a sample (using midi or whatever other method) would turn this machine into the powerhouse it deserves to be.

Slicing and using slices is possible on the dt. What isn’t possible is auto slicing. I often slice a beat into 8 slices and distribute them across the 8 dt audio channels. Then I have my mpd pads trigger the tracks 1-8 using midi notes 0-7.
Finally if I need to truncate this to a single track I just resample internally.

Auto slicing would be nice though as this work around is more time consuming.

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Most of us are dwellers from the hip hop thread, so I guess we’ve already tried a number of methods to slice… DT can indeed slice but sucks at slice management. Using 8 tracks to preview ONLY 8 slices? C’mon, at least give us the possibility to toggle between chromatic and slice, where each pad can have a different sample start… When I flip a sample I need to try a variety of chops in many different orders.


As I said it’s a work around. It’s one I use while writing hip hop. (I’ve been hanging around that thread too) If you don’t like dont use it. I’m Just trying to provide an alternative method.

Samples on the 404 get sliced the same way. And that is a hip hop staple.

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Sure… but you have 12 pads × 10 banks, not 8 audio tracks. That leaves a bit more room for trying different combinations on the fly.

More always means flexibility. Doesn’t change the fact that slicing is done the same way. We wouldn’t sit here and say the 404 can’t slice.

Also as I mentioned in the post, I personally resample internally so what I’ve written doesn’t take up 8 audio tracks in the end result. It takes one. This has been standard workflow on samplers for a long time especially the sp series.

But if it doesn’t work for you, again, don’t utilize that technique. Sharing our techniques for doing things (I.e. workarounds) is part of what this board is about. Find another way if you find my method to tediously. Sharing this wasn’t directed to you, it’s for anyone who would like to utilize it. It works great this way for my workflow might be helpful to others.

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No need to be so aggressive, dude. I wasn’t dissing on your technique, I was merely suggesting once more that Elektron implements a kind of slice mode for more flexibility and immediacy. Chill down, man.

Not being aggressive dude…was merely sharing my technique.
Might be feeling defensive as I felt your interaction was not really a positive one.

Here’s a crazy idea:
Make a few patterns where every track has slice remixes made using start point locks that define slices of 1/16 and 1/8 notes that play even slices of the sample as if they were steps 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 17 and 18, 36 and 37, etc…
Make each track a different order of the slice start points and each a different rythmic sequence… Then load the same sample to every track and check out the slice remix variations, pick a favorite, copy+paste the track to the pattern your working on, make final changes…
Dedicated slice remix test patterns…


That’s pretty cool, like the OT pre-sliced rec buffers. I think the hiphopheads like to play the slices by hand though, and currently the only way is the method @jefones describes, or with a midi remapping device. Would be cool to see slice mode added but I’m not holding my breath since it would require significant UI changes and adding shortcut text to the panel…


Yes, that is its lineage… :wink:
Just throwing it out there as someone might wanna try, or just the concept can maybe give others ideas…

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Hey Guys, just wantes to put this back to live. Maybe we got some clever newcomers to the forum who could help us on this?
Greetings :blush:

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That’s an awesome idea! I use the MIDI loopback all the time and I never thought of this.

I just spent an hour trying things and I can’t find a way to make this work, I have the exact same problems mentioned in this thread. It’s kinda frustrating but I feel like this is possible somehow! I’ll keep looking

EDIT : Arrrgh, this is really frustrating, aha


Haha join the club! It’s really frustrating to be this close to a solution.

I’ve kind of accepted the fact that this is not going to work for now, and i’ve switched to using the sp404 to slice up samples and then play them with the dt through one of the midi channels.

If they ever made a DT mk2 with an internal battery and a slice mode i would probably never use another sampler again.

Yeah you might be right, I’ve been looking into this all day and I can’t think of anything else to try…

Using the SP404 must be cool tho! I probably could have pulled that off with my MPC 2000XL but I sold it to fund the DT, aha, too bad.

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