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Old Octatrack ideas and samples pieced together in ableton.

A future hip hop, with some trap-ish ideas.


sounds good dude. like the dreamy pads a lot.


Just picked up a DFam to try out… not sure if I’ll keep it as I am trying to minimize my setup, but it sure is fun.


I grabbed an MX-1 to try a different flow, so this is just what I was doing to try it out. DN, M:S, TR-8S, and TB-3.


digitone + octatrack

im still pretty new to all of this. this is my second track ive made. feedback very much appreciated!


Backtracking to a more human side of music, made this cozy ambient track. For a change used a couple of samples from Octatrack factory content.


another one i made yesterday.


Thought I’d give trying to emulate Boards of Canada a go. Didn’t end up with anything near them (as expected!) but I did come up with this last Saturday which I’m quite happy with.



Just did a really quick trancy bleep bloop soundtrack for some of my favorite GIFs.


New drum n bass tune out today.


Glitchy A4 techno for this week’s Disquiet Junto project:


Guitar - SP-404SX - DN = Hollowed Thoughts


To celebrate the 303 day today, i made this earlier today with the TB-3 + some effects.
And it’s also 3:03 long.


i really enjoyed that, nice work. :+1:


This is a little album of two longer tracks I have made from a 13 year old live recording mangled through the OT. (I love how you can transform your old sounds this way! :heart: ) Everything’s pretty much Elektron here - pads from MM and A4, beats from AR with a bit of bells from the MD. The bass is Mother32, though. The live tracks were pretty dense to begin with, so this is probably one for the drone-heads here. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


there’s a lot of fantastic music posted here.


Spent the weekend making some single cycle waveform tools, so I tested them out on the Rytm today and made this lil track thing using only the single cycles for sound generation

Forgot how much fun this box is!


Great sounds and really fun fast drums!


New heavy wobbly dub tune: