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first track I ever made without a daw. 100% octatrack with sampled stuff from the original song


i make sad sample-based pop music. inspired a lot by the blue nile.



all digitone, electribe and ableton live…


my body spontaneously started dancing while listening at it! :man_dancing:


all digitakt with some light ableton processing (mainly some extra delay sends to help glue transitions)


A little jam with a self playing Peak drone, and Tr-8s.


Techno with a bit of a disco vibe on this one.

Mastered by Wayne @ Obsessed Audio (

Feedback always welcome, thanks for listening. :slight_smile:



having some fun with the op-z :slight_smile:

I’m trying to get more into visuals. can anyone recommend a neat program or app to do nice visuals synched to bpm?


Bit of a Cuckoo vibe on this one :slight_smile:

There was a whole thread on it on here a while back if you didn’t see it:


Old track with brand new (animated) video . Hope you like it


No Elektron devices used in this one, sadly.


digitakt + digitone and some eurorack stuff :slight_smile:


My live set at ozora’18 (9am). AK + Tanzbar. (I had a digitakt as well but it had some sync issues so I had to ditch it and improvise)


Dude, that is hot. Checking out the EP now.


New granular experimental ambient track


experimental granular ambient track


fresh track recorded live straight out my octatrack.
Next step is sequencing OT patterns and fxs with ableton, has anyone experience with this kind of workflow?


That’s how I sometimes like to work. Make one piece the “main object”, jam it out in one go, add stuff later in ableton.

Edit: Great track, nice vibe to it!


Thanks!! I’m emphasizing music this year so more will be coming…