Share your tunes


I’ve posted a song or two here, although the our music section is generally ignored some songs occasionally get feedback.

So it occurred to me to ask, rather than talk gear and ask questions about how gear works or GAS about gear, SHOW what you do with it!

Pick your favourite song, and put it on this thread. Show what all those pictures in your setup can do.

So put up or shut up :grinning:. We could end up with a greatest hits album! :smile:

IDM / Ambient Techno made on your Elektron gear

great idea. i try to listen to as much as i can and reply to the ones i really like (there’s lots of good music here where i’m just not into the genre). as soon as i have something new, i’ll post it here.


You do realise now you have answered you are going to have to go to your back catalogue and post something, it’s the rules! :grin:


Here’s my newest track. Wax Poetic Youth
It’s not your normal electronic jams. But this track was done using only the digitakt and my own samples. I’m putting together an EP that is a mix of this type of jam then some chill drum and bass tracks back to back.



This is my personal favorite from my latest release. 90% Digitakt with some OP-1 sprinkles on top :slight_smile:


Love it graves. You get the big balls first post award. Really like the part at 1.48 in your song where it goes crazy after the vocal :grinning:



This is 100% A4(mk1)


I enjoyed that, it was really tight and detailed if you know what I mean


Thanks. I came to these machines from being in hardcore bands. I’m stoked when I actually come up with something that blends the two.


I do! Thank you!


Real nice !

Here’s a favorite of mine so far :

All the sounds are coming of 6u of Modular, all the drums are from the DT (+ a stab sampled from the modular), and the Heat, well, heats.

Some sort of dark dubby techno…


Nice thread idea. I try to listen to most stuff, but it’s always difficult. So much music :slight_smile:
I did this tune some years ago, but it’s still one of my favourites.


I really loved this and I hope people are willing to give the time to get it. It has a slow build up, and when I do that I nearly feel I need to apologise or explain it.

Take the time and enjoy it :grinning:




Hitting the rap game :slight_smile:

Listen to DAZ- Say My Name (Produced by Nik Muzka) by dazmusic #np on #SoundCloud


You can mix! Love the clarity in your sound


You’re holding back Muzka. Post more!


I’ve hardly any new stuff uploaded. Since baby number 2 came along I’m mostly jamming. Rarely have time to finish anything


Kick them out and make them get a job :grinning: