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Nice! Some Aphex Twin type vibes going on here :slight_smile:


This single will be a first in a series of stuff I made with an OP-1, a Digitakt and the Roland VT-4. Hard to describe what genre this would be, so I dubbed it Robot Pop :smiley:
I guess fans of animal collective or panda bear might enjoy it, as I think those were the biggest inspiration. Enjoy!


I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen/played it, but this reminds me of the game Dust Force. (one of my favorite game soundtracks) Nice!


A couple of techno tracks I made recently:

It’s not stupid if you shake your head.


digi and moog mother live jam into ableton light after mix no editing


that was a journey of a track, very cool. :slight_smile:


first thing since jamuary. OP-1




Ambient stuff featuring Digitakt and monostation thru polara and obscura

Full track:


That’s what I’ve been up to…


right up my strasse, lovely!


Thanks man. Really appreciate it :slight_smile:
You can find more of my stuff here:


like the others, digitone + octatrack recorded live:


Have been playing all day with sequencing iPad apps with the OP-Z. The combo that seems to work best is to use the drum group track audio from the OP-Z and sequence the melodic tracks in AUM. Here’s an example:


Latest one from me:

Whenever I get a new synth I like to try to make a complete track using that synth; it really helps me to focus and explore areas of the synth I otherwise might not. This track is made entirely with sounds from my new Novation Peak. The drums are from the Peak too, but sampled and sequenced with a Digitakt.

I have to say that I am loving the Peak so far – it’s very easy to dial in sounds as you think of them.


dropping another i made today:


Little DNB / Breaks type project I’m working on. Got 3 more tracks coming soon. Never really produced too much DNB, so this is my take on it. Enjoy!


Always good to hear chopped breaks! I like how they get progressively more mangled as it goes on. That bass is heavy, too. Nice!


Thank you for the feedback! I’m just now diving into this world. I’ve only scratched the surface. Love chopping me some breaks. :grin: