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I’m out in California today, around King’s Canyon.


Groovy Minimal House-ish track with hints of the Rumanian side of things to celebrate 9 month of maternity leave.






I feel like I’m looking at X-Ray screens of an alien. Way cool. What’s the back story on these images?


I’m preparing an intervention to teach teens about electronic music. I’ll use DN + DT + OT to illustrate my speech. I found a way to use the iPhone as a webcam for my MBP, and played a bit with the visual larsens.

I’ve always loved putting two mirrors facing each other’s… I found this exercise of capturing the evolutive picture very appeasing.


Over the weekend I took a bunch of field recordings of creeks, rivers, lakes, birds, snow and wind blowing through sequoias at around 6000 feet elevation. I’ll bundle the sounds into a sample pack and share over the next couple of days.


Ahhh… That’s my home turf high country… :slight_smile:
I’m a bit North but it’s the same range… Looks likes shot from Hwy 395?


Demolishing and building in a new collective workspace for artists and designers. Moving in by the end of the month…


Top photo is off hwy 180 I believe, in the park about an hour outside of Fresno. The bottom is actually SLC. My audio recordings were from Cali though. :wink:


Holy cow, that glass ceiling is fantastic.


You mentioned you were near Kings Canyon, looks just like the Sierras rising out of the high desert on the East…
But yeah, been to Salt Lake and I see that now…




Great light. Poor insulation and no ventilation, yet…


Hey Elektronauts! I thought I could share my latest animation shortfilm with you, as the music was made using a Digitone :slight_smile: (okay and a tiny bit of SE-02, i admit)

DISSONANCE from Matthieu Garcia Marin on Vimeo.

(Mods: can’t we embed a vimeo video in here?)


Last week, I shot these videos for an expression controller I’m making.
More info here Sidekicks


Just did (doing) a vague mixing/mastering job on a few tunes that were made around 10 years ago.

Planning to put them on Bandcamp, Spotify etc. next week so let me know if you think anything needs fixing.


Very cool.
Does it have midi learn?
That would be sweet for ableton too.




It’s not MIDI. It’s like an expression pedal, or more precisely two in opposite directions, pure passive analog.