Hi Elektronauts!
Sorry for this shameless self promotion but I think that it could interest you.

I made these desktop expression controllers. Think expression pedals for hands, so analog, passive. I got this idea with the introduction of the control inputs on the last Elektron Analog machines, Analog Four mkII, Analog Rytm mkII and Analog Heat (both versions). I call them Sidekicks and the first one is a crossfader (I might be inspired by the Octatrack :smiley:).
And you can get them here :
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Cool Idea!


Oh, and it’s an expression crossfader because it’s actually like two expression pedals in opposite (linear) directions. And both are electrically independents so you can connect them to two different machines.
Here are two demos with an early prototype. The first one shows the Sidekicks Crossfader connected to an A4mk2 and an ARmk2 controlling a filter cutoff on each machine.
The second shows that connected to an analog device (here a Moog Filter pedal, controlling cutoff and resonance in opposite ways) it’s really reactive.


Wow the demos on Instagram sont vraiment Nice!!!


The one with the joystick on instagram looks super fun, any plans for something in this direction?


Actually yes :slight_smile: Stay tuned!


Very nice - tbh i’d planned on doing something similar when i saw these ins too (just diy and for myself only though) with two pots in one hobby box to give two extra ‘quick’ performance controllers using the two exp ins

In expression pedal mode part of each trs will be sending out 5V - i’m wondering why that wouldn’t be an issue if you’re (maybe and presumably not) piping two simultaneous 5Vs to the potentiometer … is it just that you are using each side of the divided voltage (with one feed) or is it a dual lane slider - not needing trade secrets just curious if there are connection arrangements with two Mk2s that could be problematic for an unwitting user

Nice pro look to that, good colour match, so much more useful as a slider imho


Yes it’s a dual fader :slight_smile: It’s literally two potentiometers controlled by the same knob.

If I make a joystick one, it will be two pots, one for each axis. But I could make a two faders version as well.