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It’s a hugely generous offer and very kind of you to make. I think you’d get lots of requests if you posted it in the Marketplace. This thread seems to be more about sharing ideas, art, inspirations, things like that, so that may be why you’ve not seen any replies. Someone should grab it, though, it’s a excellent EQ.


Just made a sketch with AR, AH, DT sequencing: Nord Rack 1, Nord Modular G2, BigSky, TimeLine (nothing is edited yet):


sax and elektron-ics are a great combo, loved this


After over a year of DT ownership, I am finally going to start resampling internal loops of my ideas. Here’s my first time having done so being played alongside an AR.
I’m also practising use of the ‘cut’ function on an Ecler mixer I have them both going through.

edit - Sorry, just realised that you probably need to crank this a little as it was recorded too low.


It is a great EQ and very useful. I would have grabbed it if I didn’t already own it.


Chill track with the DT, DN and Microwave XT


Just made this. Model:Samples only:


Here’s some things I have been doing with my new norns/grid which I am loving to pieces. Truly an exceptional and inspirational platform.


My other job is neurosurgery. When I’m not making noise in my studio. Here’s a stock photo of a scoliosis correction. Filtered with Prisma


Recent portrait of a friend (using Infinite Design on a Chromebook+)

I’ll (eventually) do one of you if you send me an interesting photo.


First mess about on my spanky new AR mk2. Just silliness.


You spanked that thang!:grin:
Sounds like you’ve had it for months… I dig the video, I’ve been there before… :rofl:


Pretty different but the tones remind me of this old cut…


Just passing by to share my delight - decided to switch on DT+DN for a lunch break and jammed on just one, 16 step pattern for maybe hour and a half - complete improvisation, punching beats while going, changing sounds and samples, building up, breaking down and the flow is just second to none. I imagine people spending ton of $$$ for a wall of modular to do what those two are capable of.

And yes, arranging the sample library so that all your samples are grouped by types is very helpful for live situation.

Big smile on my face right now:)


Is this all A4? Dope.





I kidnapped my very Cuban father-in-law to a hardcore goth club to see Boy Harsher. Here he is with Jae:


I found a place to live this past Tuesday. The attached pix show a view from my windows. It’s a rainy day (typical Western Washington day), but it’s still a rather nice view.


Wow, that’s the kind of view I dream of!
Would love to be able to compose music while watching this!