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that sidekick CV fader is fascinating. Any chance of getting curve adjustments for the mk II? :wink: Linear faders are, lets say, a bit inflexible…


I melt glass in my free time. It’s kinda like making a dope beat, only hotter :fire:


Speaking of coloured glass.
It’s not my work, but is something special all the same:

Can’t wait for the real thing (as opposed to just the qualifiers) in a couple of months time!


Someone just asked me for a few pics of some of the modular gear that I’ve designed/built, and then I thought of this thread. I thought I’d post a few here. I hope nobody minds the string of pics.


Pretty circuits!


Thanks! Laying out circuits and panels is the most fun for me. If I could have someone else build them after that… :smiley:


I just discovered this account it’s awesome!!!


True! I’ll see what I can do :wink:


Looking forward to playing this show on my birthday… assuming I manage to program the whole set onto my Octatrack in time!


cover art concept, done on my phone


Seeing J Mascis from Dinosaur Jr. on Tuesday. Dinosaur was one of the first bands I ever got into back when I was around 14-15 years old (1990-1991) and inspired me to play guitar. I’m really psyched for this show.

I also quite like his new album, some of his best tunes in a while I’d say, especially the title track.


Im moving back to Vancouver! I get to go home!


Yes. Mr. Mascis is a living testament to the rite of passage through which many of us transcend. Like a caterpillar that surrounds himself in a cocoon of solace, or locking oneself in a bedroom for a year to learn every cover song known to man. Fingers bleeding. Only to emerge a beautiful butterfly ready to unleash sonic fits of angst and rage on any poor soul who happens to stumble by. Ah, the cycle of life :bug:


I am pretty sure the ringing in my ears can be attributed to a handful of late 80s Dinosaur shows. Also a huge influence on me at the time. I sometimes still cover Severed Lips off of the first album. Enjoy, and take earplugs! :slight_smile:


I’m still living in the music studio, looks like for the summer… I took a righteous stand and wouldn’t sacrifice myself doing things for money that I didn’t believe in, had me living in my car and living on pocket change for half a year. So many times was the gas tank on E and I wasn’t sure how I was eating that day, but it always worked out (meanwhile OT and friends were safe in a storage unit, I’d never sell them for anything, even food and shelter :smile:) It was a spiritual journey and I learned so much along the way. Now I work trade for a room by helping out with all manner of sound production, and am getting booked for good paying soundboard gigs and getting asked to play guitar for local band gigs often…

Stand for what you believe in, there’s a path that nurtures and reflects your soul instead of breaking it down and smothering it… :monkey::sparkles:


Soooooo jealous


Construction in progress…


Part of my last gig from exactly one week ago. Drums, acoustic and pads controlling the AR, bass, sax, OT, AS-1, D05…


I heartfully wish you the best, my friend.
I have so much respect for such attitude, living the dream… I made different choices but still believe it’s a noble way to spend one’s time on Earth.


I am 40… Haha…
I’ve been up, down, left, and right on this roller coaster they call life… I don’t have kids so I can take these sort of risky moves… Honestly I’m just so grateful and astounded at what’s been happening lately, I give thanks to the universe in every moment and so appreciate just being alive. I certainly don’t want to make people feel trapped or anything, not saying you do but just in general. I feel like I have a lot of friends on here now and I’m kind of blogging my journey, especially on this thread because hey why not, gear talk can be kinda dry and unemotianal. To end up living in a music studio after a few hard years is just so rediculously perfect for me right now I can’t believe it, or rather I can believe in it because believing opens doors for things to happen. It’s like the bold moves of not feeling dependent on the system finally karmically came through. We all have different paths, I have no idea what it’s like being you or anyone else so I don’t assume we need to go through similar journeys. Just telling my story, I wish you the best with yours… :heart_eyes: