Sequencing a Machinedrum from a Digitakt(demonstration)


I try to tuck the stuff I make under different threads- forgive me for this plug. The machinedrum has always been my favorite sound source, and with the addition of the advanced sequencer from the Digitakt- I’m just in heaven.

If you’ve done some advanced sequencing of the Machinedrum, please post your recordings here- so I’m not just flaunting myself(this “track” was pieced together in, I estimate, an hour(on a whim)- if it’s any good, it’s accidentally good)


Is it worth buying digitakt just for the midi sequencing

I made only one recording of the MD.

MD only, random lfos controlling CTRL ALL machine.
I made some tests with midi loopback, lfos on notes triggering different machines, and lfos on PCs to change patterns randomly. Even with MD only you can do advanced sequencing, but I have to do it with OT and it’s arp (rdm machine triggering and pattern with MAP)


Brilliant stuff as always!


Hey. Back with a little test with MD only. 1 bar with machines played randomly by MID machines, with midi loopback.

T1,2,3=kicks, T4 MID controlling them
T5,6,7=snares, T8 MID controlling them
T9,10,11=HH/Cym, T12 MID controlling them
T13 RAM R1, T14 RAM P1, pitch +36 (1 oct)
T15 CTR 8, setting MID machines notes with 3 lfos
T16 CTR AL, rdm lfos on Syn 2 (decay), filters

Machinedrum Trig Conditions? Generative Sequencing via MIDI Loopback [video]

Problem with midi loopback : plocks don’t seem to work. I miss trigless and TRCs, so next time it will be sequenced by OT. :wink:

Sorry but I even thought about a DT/AR instead of MD ! If I don’t use it’s sequencer, I’m not sure if I’ll keep it…:sketchy:


Same kit sequenced by OT midi tracks, same principle, one bar. Much faster to edit, more control with TRCs.


was just reading MD manual a bit and there is a blurb in the appendix about how trigless trigs can be implemented using CTR-8P machine


Whoa! I never would have thought of that


Interesting !
So what is that trigless workaround?
Not in love with CTR 8P I used to modulate MID tracks.
Frustration with MD synthesis limitations, and much better OCTATRACK sequencer.


plocks on CTR-8P machine’s track will not trig the controlled machines, just alter their parameters - so 8 parameters per CTR-8P track that you can trigless trig


AFAIK I need CTR8P to modulate MID machines. Boring.


Hey. I’m searching the original sheet in pdf of this picture in order to change colors. I want to sequence MD with OT.
Does anybody know where to find it?
Any clue, @MDMnM @dubathonic @defenestration @Ryan @PeterHanes?


So I made this. Please tell me if there’s something wrong. (Edit : Sample Rate Reduction has been reduced :slight_smile: , I have to correct that later)

Feel free to download the PDF, the XLS / ODS files and edit them.

Machinedrum-Control-Changes.pdf (2.1 MB)

MachineDrumControlChanges.xls (13.5 KB)

MachineDrumControlChanges2.ods (20.6 KB)

Octatrack and Machinedrum MIDI question

super cool @sezare56 … thanks for all your effort putting this together!

i’ve never seen the original of the document you mention. if it’s not in the elektronauts files section, maybe try the files section of the old forum, assuming it still works?

in any case the version you’ve created is going to become a new page in my MD grimoire. i lose entirely too much creativity-sapping time figuring these numbers out when i aim my MnM sequencer at the MD.


This is very handy, thank you.


did you take this track down?

(from the OP)


Yeah @Ryan, put it back or make another one! :wink:

Thanks to the person who made the first sheet. I’ll add default notes C2 D2 etc…and other midi things maybe…


I know im late… @sezare56,but thought to tell that I saw this document just and only at the bottom of the Tarekith tips and trick document…
Filament posted it to the old forum…maybe like this you can find it there…dunno
So another thing we can thank @Tarekith for!
Happy tweeking!