Should I trade my Digitakt for an Machinedrum MKII

Hi everyone,

In first appology for my aproximative english, i’m from France.
I am thinking about trading my Digitakt for a **Machinedrum SPS1 MKII

Thanks !

And what do you thank about it ? I got a Digitone too so i can use it as master and us all good sequencer features :slight_smile:

This post looks like a ‘For Trade’ advertisement. If you want to do a trade, you must do so in the Marketplace section of the forum and include the required information and photos. However, it seems you also want to engage in a discussion of the merits of a potential trade, so I’m going to leave this here, but I will edit your post so that it doesn’t confuse others.

Oh sorry ! I don’t know about the Marketplace section. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Yes if someone wants to you should do it

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And one think i don’t mention.

I currently have a UW MKI machinedrum which has been lent to me.
And I wish to have a MKII, newer, 64 steps, better dsp? and for Elektron customer service if I need repair.

But what do I lose if I go from a UW to a non-UW? Only samples? I don’t use it on the MKI


I’d choose an MKII UW for samples, and +Drive for more than 128 patterns.
With UW you can sample and resample incoming sound and mangle it on the fly.

Triggering MD is easy, but beware sounds are triggered out of phase. If you use MD sequencer and external midi some phase opposition phase may occur.
Confirmed: Machinedrum MIDI in phase problem
Control parameters is not easy, Control Change numbers depending on track numbers.
Sequencing a Machinedrum from a Digitakt(demonstration)
I’m not the best ambassador, I traded my MD UW MKII +DRIVE with an AR MKI.
DT + DN doesn’t seem a bad combo.


Yes DT + DN is really good combo ! But i’m in love with MD sound and and all the parameter possibilities. And I prefer audio synthesis than sampling.


And thanks for this information about Phase and CC !

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i own a md mkii uw for 3 years now and i must say its the best piece of gear i ve ever used.No matter what i bought after (tr8s sh01a doepfer dark energy 2 )they just sit in the office unused all my time goes to the beloved md.I m considering buying a digitakt tho soon to pair with it i dont know if is still a good decision dont wanna see another machine just sitting in the office

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If you like sampling or use classic one shot drum samples… It’s really a good machine and the sequencer it’s unbelievable but i got digitone now with same sequencer.
Digitakt is top to be the center of your setup. But audio possibility is less deep than the Machinedrum. We can trade if you want to try haha

To be honest I don’t know much about sampling.Sampling wise the only thing I do with the md is while jamming with it I do the real time sampling thing at the same time from tv or radio.It helps me get my creativity going plus many sweet sounds can occur from it.I m thinking that the digitakt maybe could give life to the unused gear I mentioned above ?Also what are your impressions with the digitone ?I m in this big dilemma dt or dn…haha

Oh not to forget to mention the resaampling thing in the md itself which can result in some very nice things as well

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Retriggered pitched delay with feedback…:slight_smile:


The MD can live sample with the sequencer running, similar to the octatrack? Is there a buffer that it records to? Then its possible to make a sequence using that sample immediately after recording is done?

Yes! :+1:

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My impressions with Digitone is that i have a wonderfull synth with very good sound and the elektron workflow + digitakt sequencer for DT and other synth with midi… I really happy with it and i know i need to learn it again again because it can make big thinks !

Even better, you can play while recording, on the same step. One track for recording, one for playing. Apply pitch down, slide up, reverse, recording feedback, etc…
It inspired Octatrack.