Is it worth buying digitakt just for the midi sequencing

no it do not have slides so the midi sequencer is obsolete and 5/10

DT does let you do note over laps on midi… huge work flow improvement to me over the paraphonic midi sequencing of the OT even if there is a work around. Being able to use each track like one hand of polyphony is great way to organise your sequencer mutes of preformance also.

If your synth has glide parameter you can CC it on or if it has portamento you can just play with overlaps with glide as well as parameter locking the lfo to pitch bend… definitely options depending on the gear you’re using it with but would be nice to see it implemented for ease of use.

It’s interesting to see what people value in a sequencer by their responses.

Is it worth buying the digitakt just for the midi sequencer?
Is it the best midi sequencer there is?

But it is still quite a capable machine that is costing about the same price as other current midi sequencers but with the addition of the audio engine. Which you may not need now but can be something great to have down the road.
One of the most important distinctions between the pyramid and digitakt I’m my opinion is linear vs step sequencing.

I’d consider if a step sequencer fulfilled my needs musically or if a linear sequencer is needed.

There’s always a cirklon


i got 303’s for slides, so slides not required on the DT.

@jefones the Cirklon is too expensive, and there is a long wait just to get one.

pyramid is nice, but i think i will use the DT’s sound engine as well, and will play rather nicely
alongside my MD UW+ MkII, and other gear.


Dt with the md is a delight. Check out this thread if you haven’t


It’s always fun and a well balanced set-up to combine some Elektron machines. If you don’t need a linear sequencer, not too many notes in polyphony, not more than 8 tracks, and you like to use the sound engine of the DT, the DT is perfect :smiley:

I own the Digitakt and LOVE it!

But if you are looking for midi sequencing only, I’d +1 the Squarp Pyramid.

Is 4 tracks enough? Because Digitone is similarly priced, and you’d get something else besides MIDI sequencing out of it (if you want it) : A SYNTH!

if all you’re planning on doing is midi sequencing with it i’d say no to be honest, what are you sequencing with it?

I have DT and Pyramid, Pyramid kills DT as midi sequencer, DT kills Pyramid as a sampling drum machine. Pyramid is fairly easy to use and has very few practical limitations for most sequencing requirements but be aware it does not have iterative trig conditions or a direct equivalent, it does have random though, and a metric shit ton of other ways to add interest to a sequence.


I have to second this. I like the Digitakt for sequencing samples, but overall the Pyramid is far more powerful and intuitive when it comes to acting as a sequencer.

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I also bought it for this mainly. I sequence DSI Evolver, MFB Nanozwerg, Doepfer MS404, and more.

Note: there are some feature on the sample tracks unavailable on the midi tracks like retrigger. That was a bit disapppinting, but it’s a pretty damn fun/reliable piece of gear.

" a metric shit tons of other ways … " you just made my day :joy:

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Only to add and name a feature of the Pyramid, which seems to be not mentioned yet. The Pyramid has a very useful Euclidian mode. With this it’s easy and fun to push the notes around.

Additionally I would like to mention that the OS 3.0 of the Pyramid is in the making. I run a stable beta since months and it has some interesting new features :wink:

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yes, it seems weighing up the options between both is something to take into consideration where one does the other and the other does not! pyramid is now becoming very tempting, but i need to see one in the flesh so to speak before splashing the cash. have read the manual for the mk2 version, most of it seems pretty straight forward. i do miss my monomachine mk2 though, and i did like the midi sequencer on that, would have been really nice if elektron gave that machine an update to have trig conditions.

the pyramid also has a track fx called chance as well as the random feature mentioned. i guess that is similar to the trig conditions of the elektron % one. in trig conditions.

sheesh decisions, decisions. :thinking:

The Electribe provides 16 channels of MIDI sequencing and is cheaper than the DT.

Just check how useful the transmitted CCs are to your synths.

Maybe this could be difficult. AFAIK there are only a few shops having them on stock. Schneiders Laden in Berlin comes to my mind. My MK II is of a very good built quality. Housing, connectors, encoders, buttons, and pads seem to be made for long and intensive use. The X-Y pad works fine too. Software was stable and reliable.

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Another option which kind of has some +/- of the Pyramid and Digitakt would be the Deluge, it has trig conditions, a good and very flexible sequencer for internal and midi and cv sources, built in synthesis and sampling, although currently unavailable to buy new until the next batch (3 months or so) but if you are not in a hurry it might be worth considering.

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there is a music gear retailer just over an hour’s drive from where i am who stocks the pyramid. but i have decided for now to get the digitakt instead. plus the sampler side of it will come in handy.

always another time to get a pyramid.